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  • To be fair to Wenger, he DID put out a team there that had experience. Fabregas has played in the EPL and the CL for four years now and so has Adebayor and Toure. What he lacks is the STEEL in midfield - a player in the Keane-Vieira mould.

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    • I think there are a few things they lacked last night. Steel,as you say, but also some height in midfield, physical strength too, organisation at the back and, most of all, effort all over the pitch

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      • Well, was it Arsenal that had a bad game.. or was manchester having a great game? This reminded me the chealsea game at home when we trashed them 3-0. We were so in control that they didnot even had a chance to score.

        When we lost 1-4 against liverpool (and it still hurt...) we didnot had a bad game, and liverpool just had lot of luck scoring on all the chances they had and we were down to 10 men.

        Here I think WE made them look bad, but they are not a bad team. We are simply unplayable at the moment.