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    Okay, as you get over the euphoria of tonight, time to think about what's next.

    Who would you rather play and why do you think your chances would be better against one than the other? Thoughts?

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    • Wow, Barca just scored!!!

    • The point I was making was that having the 2 finalists in the CL makes winning our own domestic league more worthwhile.
      If Barca beat Chelsea they will be worthy opponents and in a one-off match purely defensive tactics are unlikely to be employed. However I don't expect United to be facing Barca in Rome, because I think Chelsea will be too strong for them. Barca have very skillful attackers but are defensively inept and this will prove decisive tonight.
      The EPL may have faults but no more than any other league and probably fewer than most. Its easy to be critical of what you know best. Just look at La Liga and the points differential between Barca, Madrid and the rest. Same in Italy etc. Only Germany has a really competitive league with Bayern failing to have its usual domination. ( OK France this year ) . Even if we had a European league, only 8/10 clubs would really stand a chance of competing and probably over time that number would decline to 4/5. Its just the nature of things, the best are attracted to the best.

    • Barcelona for sure.

      If we win, we would have beaten champ of Italy, Portugal and Spain.

    • "Robert - I will never change this nickname. "

      Ah well, more fool you.


    • Well, we need to acknowledge that we are talking about clubs that play in the English League, as only five of the 22 starters last night were English, so definitely no flag waving over that!

      We already acknowledge the lack of competitiveness that exists in the EPL, where we always get excited that the likes of Villa or Spurs might get into the Top 4, but really we delude ourselves, because we know their challenge will peter out. If English dominance becomes a given in the CL, then the competition will become tedious except to those obsessed with winning rather than with the game itself.

      One of the reasons that the other European countries are falling behind is because their clubs are not up for sale to any passing plutocrat. We know that Roman A's original intention was to buy Real or Barca, until he realized this was not possible as they were member-owned and not for sale. Platini must do something at some point, and I also see that Sarkozy is getting involved in the 6+5 argument.....

    • Robert - I will never change this nickname.

      I think there could be no greater advert for English football than if we played Barca in the final and absolutely gutted them. We will need to work around the loss of Fletcher though. The downside to beating Barca would be some UEFA inquisition to cap English dominance.

    • Either team will be very tough opponents. We've already done a good job of doing over Chelsea this season, but like John said, it doesn't have the same feel about a European final playing another English team, especially having just played an English team in the semi's, and the final last year.
      So for that reason, i'd say Barcelona.

    • Barcelona, for the clear and obvious reason that playing foreign opposition makes the competition feel more like it should be: a European night, rather than a sort of glorified FA Cup final played abroad! We all know if it wasn't for the television companies, and the greed of the suits at the top clubs the competition would truly be what it is supposed to be - the Champions League with only the League champions entering the bloody thing! Of course, that means we wouldn't have been there in '99, but I would still prefer it that way.The finals between two clubs from the same country are a bit lame, to be honest...so come on Barca, let's make this a EUROPEAN night!!!

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