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  • HE didn't destroy anybody. Your midfield unit destroyed them. Anderson, Fletcher, Park, and Rooney all put in a shift. Especially Park, who was untouchable. God, those two - Park and Fletcher - are underrated.

    To Ronaldo's credit, he hit a nice freekick; Almunia should've stopped it!

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    • The whole team played well, heck even VDS made a fantastic save when he was finally called upon.

      But, about Ronaldo's performance last night - forget the goals or the almost goals. What he did to quell Arsenal's impressive start is where the game changed. Ronaldo being the outlet for when they were pinning us back changed the game.

      If you watched the Barca/Chelski game last week, when Barca kept pinning their opponents back, they got the ball out and it came right back down their throats. For us last night, the ball got out and stayed out, putting the brakes on their fast start.

      Ronaldo as an outlet and being able to keep the ball made that hard work of the rest of the team pay off.

      Last night he was electric and most of his flicks, dribbles were tearing Arsenal apart.

      Still I'd say Rooney on pure consistency of how well he is playing has got to be my "That man Rooney".

    • What game were you watching?

      He set up the first goal for Park, and then scores a 40 yard screamer three minutes later. He nearly scores again in the 51st minute and then scored the third which started from an Arsenal corner and is one of the best goals you will ever see. , and then nearly gets a hat trick in the 87th minute.

      I think he probably could have won the match on his own the way he played last night.