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  • Layla Layla May 7, 2009 04:52 Flag

    Champions League Final

    agreed.i cant see what all the fuss over barca is about.
    they were poor in both legs. soon as they play a strong team, they get bullyed out of it.
    chelsea man utd would have been a much better, more competitive final.
    i reckon utd will win 3-0 & it will be a poor 1 sided game.
    utd will win it without having to beat any really hard teams.
    they people who try to hype up football will make out its a clash of the heavyweights. but any1 with a brain who watched tonights game would know the best team lost(mainly due to the ref)

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    • We cant underestimate barca...if they had 71% posession against chelsea,that's mean control..even if you dont create,co's you can always get that one chance,which they did,Chelsea were unlucky and should have had a couple of pens,but it's done and is history now....and United can only play,and beat who is in front of them to get to the final....