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  • uefa hate the premiership and if I were chelsea I`d be worried about how they might view some of the incidents after the game. They are just itching to throw the book at a premiership club and this could be the opportunity they`ve been looking for. As to the decisions although most of them did favour barcelona - the sending off of Abidal being the main decision that went against them - I think its more to do with his being a crap ref then any attempt by uefa to ensure that it wasn`t an all premiership final. The CL is uefa`s flagship competition and it won`t want the final to be shrouded in controversy.

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    • Yes, to see conspiracy againt Chelsea or the English team is wrong. The simple fact is that the referee saw and gave everything and more outside the penalty area, and nothing inside the penalty area. If it had been one shout each it wouldn't have mattered, but for Chelsea to be denied clear decsions so many times just means the referee decided the match, not the fooballers.


    • ..as a Liverpool supporter..

      I didnt get to watch the whole match and missed Drogba's antics at the end - but I was listening to 909 and got the gist.

      It seems to me that Chelsea could have played till midnight and still have had 10 penalty appeals turned down.

      I tend not to want to believe conspiracy theories - but after drawing Chelsea for the fifth time in the CL and tonight's refereeing display I really wonder.

      I must say that I think Blatter & Platini are trying to handicap the English PL clubs at every turn - and I think there is yet more to come.

      I'm not a Man Utd fan - but I wonder if the CL final will be memorable for the football - or the controversy...

    • Why don't you take note of what Platini actually says, rather than parroting the English Meejah viewpoint: "English football is wonderful. The Premier League philosophy is not good in regard of money, but the way of the fans and the attacking ideology is beautiful."

      So it is the dubious financial aspects of the EPL that rightly bother the likes of Platini. Many other leagues do not allow their clubs to carry crippling debt that threatens the future of a club in the interests of short-term gain via success built on a dodgy foundation.

      The general secretary of UEFA is English, btw:


    • Sensible view Devon, i'll make the most of it as there are bound to be excuses posted in advance by Harris, Bali-Boy, Carpet Beetle and Lynda.