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  • ..I agree with you that he shouldnt have been sent off - but I think you are missing the point.

    You can normally 'excuse' a ref missing an odd decision in a match, or even trying to redress the balance by giving an equally odd decision in favour of the other team.

    But 3 or 4 clear penalties ?

    As I said I'm not a Chelsea or Man U fan - but the level of incompetence shown tonight does border on suspicious - that was all I was saying.

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    • Nope I got the point. He actually gave a strong physical Chelsea side a huge advantage by wrongly sending Abidal off. They still couldn't kill the match off.

    • abidal should have been sent off way before when he fouled drogba and was last man. it would have been a pen so even thou he shouldnt have been sent off for the trip, he should have been off well before that.
      the ref was so bad & biased. he should never ref in the champs league again.
      man u will beat barca easily, u only have 2 watch tonights game to see how bad they are