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  • but u forget that he should have been sent off in the 1st half for fouling drogba. come on,u both know a fair ref would have given at least 1 pen & chelsea would have gone thru.
    u want to make out the best team went thru so u can validaite winning the champs league more.
    but when man u win it,everyone will know that it should have been chelsea & not a poor barca in the final.

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    • I didn't say that Chelski didn't deserve a pen. I have said that the Pique handball should have been given.

      But all this talk about 5 or 6 penalties being denied and a UEFA conspiracy is paranoia gone mad.

      As far as I'm concerned, Chelski were denied 1 stonewall penalty (maybe 2). And that happens in many games. Look at what happned with us in the FA Cup Semi Final against Everton? Or how about a few years back when we were eliminated by Porto thanks to an injury time equaliser not too dissimilar to last night. We had a legitimate 2nd goal chalked off that would have taken us into the next round and the freekick Porto scored from should never have been given.

      Shit happens. The Chelski players and fans just need to deal with it.

    • I don`t recall any foul that was worthy of a red card, certainly none that was as bad as Adebayor`s on Carrick the previous nght which was only punishd with a yellow. Yes the ref got a number of decisions wrong but that`s cause he was a crap ref not cause he was bent. Although chelsea were undoubtedly denied a couple of stonewall penalties some of their appeals were optomistic to say the least, especially the so called handball in the last minute when the ball hit the underside of a player`s armpit.

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      • I actually thought the last was the best shout cos his arm is so high, but there you go, it's all about opinions. Pique's is most peoples most certain, but I've seen them not given. Anyone remember was it sinclair, or was it Duberry, for Chelsea in the stretford end penalty area the year of our first double. You'd have been relegated if that had been given.
        If they'd had the thing in the net 2 or three times and scrubbed off for no reason I'd have a lot more sympathy with this. John Hollins deserves a lot of credit for saying (something like) "it's over, we didnt score a second and it's our own fault". I still havent heard any rank and file on the radio come anywhere near that yet.