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  • PETER M PETER M May 7, 2009 22:50 Flag

    Barcelona the best?

    Barcelona deserve credit for what they did lastnight and more notably what they have really been doing all season.In all honesty its a dream final in which I hope football of the highest order is played.Chelsea were poor lastnight apart from Essiens strike.The statistics for possesional play, the statistics for passing percentages were amazing.Barcelona have not only improved from last season when United played them but they seem even more composed, they believe in what they are doing and the are well disciplined.They play absolute total football.Chelsea played bully ball yesterday and it back fired.Manchester United have a hell of a game to play May 27th.Obviously I hope United Win but you have to take your hat off to a class team and Barcelona are most definetly that.Fletcher hopefully will play but then that might allow Abidal to play in the same circumstances.I hope Football is the winner in Rome on May 27th.Come on United, set another bench mark!Unlucky Chelsea, just not on the same level unfortunately.Drogba is a disgrace, Ballack not much better.