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  • Shimo Shimo May 8, 2009 01:27 Flag

    Barcelona the best?

    Everyone keeps going on about how much possession Barca had and that showed their superiority but, even with that much of the ball, they manufactured one shot on target and the misses weren't near misses.

    I think United can keep Barca at bay just as well if not better than Chelsea and we have a far better attacking threat than them. Barca I think will be scared, especially if they watch the third goal against Arsenal.

    It's a bit naive to say Arsenal didn't have a threat against us, with Walcott, Nasri, Fabregas and even Ade, they are all a threat, we just managed them. Granted Messi is on another level.

    Barca in La Liga with their style can be so good because they get to play without the physical side that is allowed in CL and the PL. Most teams they've played have been afraid of them, some of it justified but, United won't be afraid. We'll play to our strengths, which is defend stoutly, let Barca ping the ball around in their half and then have a myriad of players that can finish of a counter-attack move or that clinical pass from inside our own half that will tear their defense apart.