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  • Robert M Robert M May 7, 2009 07:01 Flag

    Barcelona the best?

    I thought Barcelona were like Arsenal about three or four years ago. Great on the ball but wanting to pass it into the net. So many times they arrived at Chelsea's penalty area and then had no idea what to do. Their long-range shooting was poor. They made virtually no good chances in two matches.

    This is how teams discovered they could beat Arsenal about four years ago? Instead of trying to outplay them you soak up the pressure and then have breaks.

    Isn't this what we were told Italian teams did so well a decade or two ago? We were supposed to think they were much more sophisticated than English teams because they could defend and defend and then score on the break.

    I think Chelsea found them out. Given a penalty or two we would have put them out. I can't see you losing to them if you defend properly, as we did.


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