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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy May 8, 2009 20:17 Flag

    Will Man City end Man U domination?

    Yes I am Cheekie Gooner. But with arsenal waiting for 16, 17, 18, 19 year olds to come through. Chelsea pensioners say no more. Liverpool probably reaching their limit. Everton, Tottenham and Villa dreaming of fourth.

    Is it your City rivals that pose the biggest competition? They have a decent core of Zabaletta, Kompany, Ireland, Robbie, Elano, Given. No doubt a few quality players in the summer will follow. And a superb youth policy.

    So over the next couple of years is it closer to home where the trouble lies?


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    • man united to dominate for years to come sorry

    • End United's domination.....they v'e been asking this question year after year......so do i need to answer ..........haaa!

    • On Sunday Citeh are going to get their @rse spanked about 4-0 with Robinho having a stinker.
      What title Man City have won is the most embarrassing team of the season, All the talk, all the money but a lot of really pathetic performances..
      Not next year or the year after or the year after or the year after..........................zzzzzz

    • Man City are dangerous against us no matter what its a grudge game and a game that is more unpredictable than maybe any other that we can face. Who they sign over the summer is gonna be a key issue but maybe more importantly is who goes and who comes in for Manchester United. Arsenal are heading in the right direct like United did many years ago with the young breed of talent.Liverpool are not far off but they are dependant on who comes in for them in the summer.Chelsea are on the ropes waiting for the knock out blow which could come from Everton in the Cup Final.The reaction they made to the referee says to me that they know that this season was maybe their last chance at winning the Champions League Title and Arsenal can further add to their misery by beating them this weekend.This may seem a bit cheeky but maybe Manchester Uniteds biggest rivals are themselves in the sense that earlier this season players got carried away with the quintuplet talk and the affect that that had on the team was clear for all to see.I don't envy Sir Alex Fergusons position having to keep egos in check and handling the current World Player of the year who has had his head turned in recent seasons. If United keep to their principals realistically no matter the hurdle/blips/losses/barren seasons we will always bounce back as that is the United way.Only real issue is who replaces Sir Alex!

    • oh to live in the present and future eh...................the rest of us only have distant memories, and not being able to watch the showpiece finale to the cl as they cant bear to see united winning it...how sad and pathetic but so good to see united making your shoddy life even more miserable....that is more than enough to make my day sweet and have a big grin on it for the duration, oh the pain lol

    • what you mean the trophy we play for on may 27, while you play with your keyboard................nice.

    • someone rattled your cage today eh, all that bleating and swearing, shadow..........................what shadow, you wont even come to my front door so dont see a shadow, except from a trophy room in merseyslide haha

    • I don't think they will. I agree with the point of view of some others that they will probably win the league at some point, but I don't see them as a big threat in the near future. Chelsea are a good example of how having money doesn't guarantee you success. This season will now be the third since they won it, and they were in a lot better position and closer to the top than City are now.
      City need to firstly try and establish themselves nearer the top of the table before they can attract the sort of players they will no doubt be chasing. Sure there will be a few like Robinho who will go there, but until they are challenging for Europe, I can't see the likes of a Kaka or Messi agreeing to go there.
      If there owners stick around and continue to put a lot of money into the club, then they will no doubt reach the summit at some point, but I honestly don't see them dominating the league. I don't realistically see them being in a position to challenge for the title for another 3 or 4 years at least either

    • pmsl, stalker alert............my lover returns.

    • you have a point but be honest, how many fans have united or other clubs killed on european soil, and most sides we have played has praised the united fans for their behaviour in their country bar roma and the ultras,

      in 1974 when i was supporting united we had a hooligan element that was feared but no one got killed, like when i was growing up, you had a fist fight, when the other guy or yourself had enough, it was over, nowadays society wants to put you in hospital with broken bones or put a blade in you, but to die just because you support the other team, thats ridiculous and would renounce it if it was united, would not stop me supporting them, but i would certainly not condone it or brush it under the table.

      ps, from 1972 to 1993 i put up with liverpool dominance, but still never stopped supporting united in the hope 1 day we would be as dominant, for that im called fickle and plastic, yet i was not fickle and plastic when i cleaned the windows in my street to get enough money to go to goodison park, with us bottom of the league, and then we went and lost 3-1, i dont like plastics and gloryhunters as much as anyone else,i could get a ticket to any game years ago, they are like gold dust now, but unfortunately thats the price of success. one day our dominance will end, so i will enjoy it while its there, and when it does come to an end...............i will still be supporting the same club, regardless.

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