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  • Khairil C Khairil C May 10, 2009 02:41 Flag

    Ronaldo going nowhere??

    Ronaldo has stated that he will stayed at the old trafford... BUT.. who know about the future... he has the desire to play for madrid.. Does Man u cannot win anything without him???

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    • Ronaldo is staying for the long-term. He is now a committed Manchester United player. Of course nothing is certain in football. I would never have predicted the manner of many high-profile departures including Beckham, Stam, RVN and Keane. At the end of last season a number of factors conspired to make Ronaldo question his career path and his allegiance. He was an impressionable young man intoxicated with unprecedented success and impaled on the horns of dilemma. He had a remarkable season scoring 42 goals. He may have felt he had won all he could with United with the EPL and CL. His boyhood dream was to play for Real Madrid. He was flattered and cajoled by all sorts of external influences including Real Madrid and the tabloid press of both Spain and UK. He was surrounded by acolytes praising his ascendancy as the 'best player in the world' who should choose wherever he wants to go. Then he sat down with SAF. Since then, what may have started as respect for SAF and commitment to honour his contract has developed into a realisation that his status as best player in the world can best be nurtured and sustained at a club like United. He finds himself again challenging for the EPL and in another CL final. He sees the quality of sustained achievement that comes from long-term commitment to a world-class club like United in the success of players like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville. Not least, he sees the continued support of United's fans even when he has appeared ambivalent. From all this, I have no doubt that his commitment to the club has matured and strengthened and is now absolute. Cristiano Ronaldo will not leave Manchester United until the time is right for him to do so - and I believe that will be many years from now. Viva Ronaldo!

    • I believe him when he says he wants to stay at United, and for next season at least I think he will.
      He will probably end up at Madrid one day, but United won't suddenly stop performing. He can be replaced, just like David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy were etc.
      Obviously he is a special player for United, and I would love him to stay here for many more seasons and the team would have to adapt to playing without him, but there are players like Ribery out there who could be brought in.
      If/when he leaves this club, it will all depend on who he is replaced with as to how smoothly the change of player will effect the team

    • He is definitely going to Real Madrid. But do you seriously believe that United won't win without him? They have talent and depth in their squad with many younger players coming through. Besides they can always get quality replacements like Ribery because of their reputation and winning mentality.