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  • The Levy The Levy May 11, 2009 15:23 Flag

    Godshearer versus the Smog Monsters

    Come on Boro! I want to see the fat, shirtless Geordies blubbering like babies (yet again!). Will " I think I am hard because I watch boxing" boy shed his tears if Shearer (no coaching badges) and his shite team lose?

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    • Yeah, I forgot about that! Just shows their fans are not mawkish either! Good on them,but you are right, they ain't the type to over-indulge in grief-fests. The more the merrier, I say. Less tears and more joyful celebrations of players' careers, and less black armbands for non-football related deaths. I find a lot of it quite ghoulish, to be honest.

    • I was at west ham for the minutes applause for bestie. It really did bring a tear to my eye. Much more than a minutes silence ever does. Most of the time they're ruined by some moron shouting something and another hundred morons shouting fuck off back

    • Well, according to that wikipedia entry the Newcastle-Gateshead metropolitan area has a population of 799,000, and they would be classed as local, so that is a fair amount of people in your catchment area who are likely to support NUFC. But do you really expect Manchester United to get much support from places in Greater Manchester like Bolton, who have their own Prem club?

      You misrepresent the foundation of FC United. Many local fans were opposed to the idea of the club falling into private hands; something which every other club (including your own - at least initially, until like the scousers you found your owner wasn't as rich as Roman A) has welcomed. Sure, that might not resonate with your view of club ownership but the consistency of such an approach is self-evident, and beyond criticism unless you welcome billionaire football ownership as many do.

      Anyway, Stoke have the loudest fans not Newcastle:


      As for the problems at OT with standing up or singing,they are well-known:


      Do you have to put up with stewards like United have at OT? Your owners know they can only make money from so-called Toon Army at NUFC, so they need you there to buy their shirts and generate revenue. If they could attract wealthier supporters they would, but the demographics are against it. Your loyalty is the blind loyalty of the Tommy going over the top. You yourself welcomed Ashley I recall: we resisted Murdoch and came close to defeating the Glazers.

    • Never made a note of the article URL but a few months ago I saw an interesting piece where it was suggested that Transfers and player wages should be directly linked to a clubs taxable income, hard to say what the result of this would be on the current Premier League members or their standings in the table.

    • I have a feeling that the EPL is under pressure from Andy Burnham, and rightly so. The unfortunate thing after the positive noises made by the Football Task Force, nothing was done to stop Scudamore letting any dodgy git get hold of a football club. I do think things will start to change. Burnham made some interesting points:


    • That is another myth: Manchester and Liverpool were hit just as hard, and if it was simply down to unemployment in Newcastle, how come their support suddenly reappeared with Keegan? Did he bring a magic wand with him that suddenly cured unemployment in Newcastle and more than doubled their crowds? The myth needs dispelling. And if it was just down to unemployment, why did Rangers and Celtic in Glasgow (which was harder hit in the Tory era than Newcastle) retain their support?

    • Not as easy as that Levy, when Newcastle were relegated there was tremendous unemployment in the North East. it was the hardest hit region in England for jobless at the time. Must have had a knock on effect with attendances at St James.

      They were talking about Boro' a few weeks ago on Sky and the fact that their average home gate this season has been at only 75% capacity, this was after the FA Cup match against West Ham when the ground was only 40% full even though they gave away 1500 tickets to local schools to boost the gate.

      Boro' just seem to me to be a club that would possibly go into administration if they were to be relegated.

    • If it's a choice between Hull and Newcastle I would far rather see Hull drop down, Phil Brown and Hull could take a leaf out of Tony Pulis and Stoke's book who have spent their first year in the top tier keeping their heads down and their mouths shut.

      Hull remind me too much of Wimbledon and the Crazy Gang, ok when it's going well but moaning and whinging when things don't go their way.

      Phil Brown must have been reading the Dave Bassett and Neil Warnock book of excuses.

    • I can't decide whether he is Ant or Dec!!!

    • OK so we have now established that neither of us are plastics. Fair enough, we have both supported our respective teams through dark days.

      Let's just go back to ridiculing each others teams rather than calling each other plastics.

      I did (still do) want to see Newcastle go down,but it looks like that you have escaped this season, mainly due to the idiocy of Phil Brown with his on-pitch humiliation of his team at Wastelands which sent Hull's season into freefall.

      You are also lucky that Owen got injured, so Shearer was forced to bring on Martens. It wasn't inspired, just unavoidable!

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