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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed May 12, 2009 16:03 Flag

    Godshearer versus the Smog Monsters

    Don't kid us all twonk boy, you haven't ever set foot inside Old Trafford because you never leave the house and you're always on here posting rubbish 24/7!

    You can't class watching a yahoo webcast on the internet as going to the matches you stupid, plastic, glory boy manUre fan.

    What was the score last night at SJP? You know? Where you wanted the Boro to win so you could have a sad dig at the geordies?

    Hahahaha Oh! But tt didn't happen how you wanted it too, did it?

    Boro got spanked 3-1 by the Toon Army! Hahahahahaha

    What a shame the manUre fans can't make as much noise as the Toon Army during their home matches at Old Trafford ey?

    Theatre of Silence, even Arsenal fans make more noise than your "tourist" lot. ;o)