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  • Rafatorma83 Rafatorma83 May 12, 2009 03:45 Flag

    Glory hunters who are they?

    Well I'm not British, and I was not born and brought up in the UK. So I don't fit into this "i was taken to the stadium in childhood" thing. However, my mom has always been a Man Utd fan since her childhood, everyone is a red devil in her side of the family. And her brothers (my uncles) had a huge influence in me becoming a United fan....

    My dad, however, is Liverpool through and through, and I was born in 1983, completely in the Liverpool dominance era. I remember Dad filling my ears about John Barnes, Ian Rush etc etc, but it never appealed to me, I just had to be Red Devil!! I liked Sparky when i was small. Then of course Eric Cantona came, and we started to dominate football.

    My brother, however, born in 1990 is a die hard Liverpool fan. He has never seen his team win the league, but I know how much he loves his team. That's my family... Dad and brother Liverpool. Mom and me United.... and yes, sometimes we fight coz of that! :)

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    • And the silliest post of the day goes to.....Maritorma83 !!

      Listen to this muppet: " I was born in 1983, completely in the Liverpool dominance era. "

      You was BORN in '83 so you knew nothing about football then kid. By the time you got out of wearing nappies (" I liked Sparky when i was small ") manure were dominating so you jumped on the glory hunter bandwagon.

      Well done you glory hunting whippersnapper.

    • Seeing as you have never actually been to a premier league match then Maritorma we should take very little notice of what you have to say about football. Join Chwissy in the queue for United Plastics who don't go to matches, and Harris, and Lynden, and Koala molester Butch.

    • 83 as a starting point and family heritage counts in your favour.

      Also the fact that you are a mummy's boy means I don't want you crying or anything!

      However, actually Hughes is the start of glory glory time. But you experienced a few years of life without league success, so...

      I am afraid you are only given a provisional membership of the non-glory hunter tag, full membership will be recieved upon experiencing a few barron years in a row mate.

      On the other hand your brother was a glory hunter with aweful timing, now he has totally earned his stripes as loyal Anfield boy.

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      • haha.... 4 years in a row, we did not win the title, before 2007.. in case u forgot. A glory hunter would have jumped on another train, i.e. Chelsea, for e.g. Anyway, I just shared how I became a United fan... I'm not seeking any membership from anyone... especially not here. What Man United means to me, only I know that, and it's something very sensitive to me.

        I will also say this about my brother... the fact that he was born in 1990, let's say he started to "watch" the games at 5.... so that's about 1995, the club was no longer a winning team.... so that's really pure love... to repeatedly listen to my jokes about Liverpool down the years, but he kept on supporting the team. I watched the Istanbul final together with him... that was a very special moment for him.

        In my book, a glory hunter is anyone who stops supporting the team when the team stops winning. But your definitions are very unfair to any United fan of my age, because it is not our fault if Fergie is a winning machine, lol.

        As far I'm concerned.... United till I Die, because I didn't fall in love with this team coz it was winning. It's more than that. It's my childhood, my mother's gift to me... and I will treasure it forever, no matter what.