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  • Milan have offered £20m for the Argentine's services, with a further £20m set aside for his wages over four years.

    Apparently, that's who Kia Joorabchian was talking to on the phone during Sunday's Manchester derby.

    In my opinion, he is just the type of player we need to replace the ageing Seedorf. He will be a great partner for Pato in front. Although our ageing defence has me most worried.

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    • did you know that United is the ONLY EPL club increasing ticket prices for next season - yes but only £1 per game

    • Someone else besides Gill is telling porkies. Fergie says Gill spoke to his agent. Tevez has just said no-one from United has spoken to him or his agent. Of course Kia is not an 'agent' but a 'fund manager' , wouldn't want to get associated with all that stuff...
      My point is that Tevez is 'owned' by MSI et al; owned as in 'slave', 'tied employee' etc etc. He will go where his masters get most cash. If I were United's Board I would give it to the lawyers, if its not possible to 'untie' him, i would say 'thanks ,see you around' .
      I know you are itching to see the Glazer's dead hand in all this, but I just think its good business. 2 good years for about £10m and then move on to a younger, better model who you can own; ie Benzema.

    • I honestly don't think the money is available. The Glazers' net spend has been unimpressive, to say the least. I know some people will defend the Glazers and maintain that debt is actually a good thing, but the bare facts are that 70M+ a year is creamed off from a highly profitable business that could (in part) have funded transfers, and the other fact is that Gill has consistently told porkies.Why did Fergie say that Tevez would be reasonably "cheap". The MEN never misquotes him, as is well known in Manchester,so something's afoot....I think the jugglers have failed to keep their balls in the air!

      BTW - did you know that United is the ONLY EPL club increasing ticket prices for next season. The rest are either keeping them static,and seven are reducing them...

    • That isn't strictly true. The deal stipulated that unless United signed Tevez by the end of 2008, he was free to talk to other clubs in January 2009. The fee was agreed, Gill (doing his best Alaistair Campbell impersonation) said it would be finalized at the latest by the end of 2008 according to United's official site:


      What happened and where's the money? Did the thieving Glazers need it for other purposes (the mounting debt they burdened a debt-free club with)?

    • Which begs the question Levy......Why the delay?

      He has proved himself to be a top player for you lot, what is your take on the failure to sign him up at this point Levy?

    • Utd would expect to pay around £20 but that`s because they have already paid £10 million in loan fees. Its because he would expect to get more than £20 million for Tevez from another club that his agent is keen on a move away from OT.

    • I thought the sum being asked was £20m Jim?

    • As 'J' keeps saying all the football related contracts are between United and the League. So United hold his registration until the end of the loan period. Then in 'football terms' he is a fee agent. I guess its up to Tevez. If he wants a clear break from MSI etc , he could sign a 'free' with United and I doubt legally if there is much 'J' can do about it. However I somehow doubt it comes down to 'legal' issues. When you sup with the devil etc etc. The 'shady' people behind MSI etc are capable of persuasion in other ways , especially when your family is still mainly in S America. He will do his master's bidding and go wherever they get the most dosh.
      I don't think he is worth anything like £30m, perhaps £15 at a stretch, I would much rather United spent money on Benzema if possible.

    • Does his loan finish at the end of May ? Or on July 1 ?

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