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  • Wise Son Wise Son May 14, 2009 05:03 Flag

    Did you ever really doubt it?

    That was tense , but with the domination we had, it felt like the equaliser and winner would come sooner or later, and what a couple of goals!

    Tevez's back-heel, and the precision of Carrick's finish were great, especially after that penalty appeal. Must be gutting for the scousers. Poor things!

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    • Mind you i wish we'd stop going a goal down.....to have to wake up .. than.up our game for the win.....not for the faint hearted......uggg!......please United...dont do that against Arse...!

    • Not really, because the team has started to find its top form again over the past month but they didn't do it the easy way. Credit to Steve Bruce and Wigan for that.
      They were good goals, and it was nice to see Tevez on the scoresheet again.
      Just 1 more point to clinch the title. Come on United!

    • Thought we'd blown it after first half display. I thought Vidic and Evans were responsible for our nervy play - they didn't settle and it wasn't a surprise when Wigan scored.

      Even though I was pessimistic about our chances, deep down I felt we could get 1 or 2 goals back.. and it was such a joy and relief to see Carrick kiss the ball into the net!

      Also I was really pleased we got a late winner as it would piss of the Loserpool fans more than if we'd won easily. I must admit I've been pissed off with their late comebacks so it was good to be able inflict the same misery.

    • One thought that is easy to forget is - although none of us would have liked it - we could afford to have lost this game and still only need 4 points from Arsenal and Hull. Don't get me wrong, I am not taking the 1 point needed for granted. Teams with one hand on the trophy have far more psychological pressure to cross the line than teams that are chasing (ask Kevin Keegan). And this United team is giving a mastercalss in how to keep your cool when you're ahead and, as SAF puts it, whittle down the games one by one until there are none left. To state the obvious, the difference between needing 1 point from 2 games now, rather than 4 points, is huge. We must not under-estimate what a massive win this was tonight.

    • Well we dont like to do things easy......how the scousers feeling,that was proberly their best chance for years....gone heeeeee!

    • Once it gets to squeaky-bum time at the business end of the season, supporting United has never been for the faint-hearted. I have always felt this game would be tough and we came through it as deserving winners. Fantastic. 1 point needed and could now only lose it on goal difference - which I cannot see this side allowing to happen. 18 wins out of the last 20 league games is one hell of a run. Come on United!

    • I was doubting it because unfortunately was watching the Gamecast while at work and seemed like it was destined to be one of those days.

      Our squad strength shows though - when we needed goals we were able to bring on the likes of Tevez and Giggs whereas others this year were taking off their best player and bringing on who? (against this same Wigan team.

      Now to make sure on Saturday, the result is never in question ... Glory Glory United.

    • Didn't doubt it for a second!

      Fantastic goals, Tevez changed the game and actually contributed a performance of some substance, unlike one or two others I could mention.

      1 point needed from a possible 6.

      Lets wrap it up at home so we can play our 3rd team against Hull.


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      • Never write off United of course! Today's game can only have made Tevez more popular, and Berba less, I suppose. Apart from the excellent early cross for Rooney, and some good link-up as usual, Berba did not impress me today. As Sir Alex said after the game, they made it so difficult for us, and we still managed to come back into it, and go on to win... of course Merseyside were watching, and Cluck Cluck/FatAmerican/Gay Sailor/Dog66/Sepp (you choose a name) also. He/She must be so down at the moment, which would explain the rubbish he posts on this board.