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  • Following Rafa Benitz`s suggestion that the premiership title should be replaced by a moments trophy the arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, said he thought it should be replaced by a possession cup where teams were awarded points for every minute of possession. When asked why he had abandoned his previous idea that there should be points awarded for goals he denied that this was because arsenal had scored fewer goals than utd or liverpool. `It is about quality` he said. `After my comments about points for goals it was brought to my attention that for every goal that is scored after 300 passes there is one that results from a long hoof out of defence and a lucky bounce of the backside of a defender. Such goals should not be allowed to influence the outcome of the title.` Mr Wenger then spoke at length on the importance of possession. `For too long those in charge of football have been obssessed by goals when all that matters is keeping the ball. What does it matter if after all your possession you haven`t scored, at least you have made pretty patterns on the pitch. Take today`s match, we had 61% of the possession and although we didn`t do anything with that possession we deserved to come away with 61 points. Why should utd who only had 49% of the possession win the title just because they have won more games than us, scored more goals than us and have a much better defence.`

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