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  • sticker sticker May 17, 2009 22:50 Flag

    Will you forgive Tevez if he does join Liverpool?

    I heard some said they won't forgive Tevez if he indeed joins Liverpool next season. I can understand that.

    But for me, as a non-English, never feel too bad at all, seeing that he has contributed so much already for Man Utd. I think Liverpool is still the next best club for him after Man Utd, even if "almost" every Man Utd's fans dislike Liverpool, so as the other way around.

    It could be the balance of:

    Be grateful to him because of his full-heart contribution to Man Utd over 2 seasons and his help to win the biggest glory with Man Utd (hope Man Utd win the CL again, even if I like Barca too :P)

    Never forgive him joining Liverpool.

    Grateful to him? Or never forgive him? You decide. :-)

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    • United only had Tevez on loan for two years.
      The guy is class.
      Im sure he will do the right thing.
      "IF" hejoins the Scousers, then I hope his legs drop off.
      Shame on the Scousers yet again for trying to sign a player who has played from the mighty and honest Man United.
      Another scum was that Big Time Charlie Ince.
      But I think if Tevez doesnt sign for United, he'll go to Spain.

    • The best manager in the world of football knows what he is doing lol leave it to him he havent done us wrong yet

    • Unless you sale Ronaldo basically Utd have a trandfer kitty of around 40 million. So buy Tevez or replace him with similar quality it doesn't make any difference. utd still stand still quality wise.

    • You have an erection problem...your wife got no choice but to stray outside for pleasure. You found out, you ended up divorcing her. Can you decide who her next partner is?
      Now, go and look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself. And think what is the root of the problem and who caused it???

      BTW, I think Tevez will never be at Anfield though.

    • Paper talk....if he did go(which he wont)...it would be to only suck rafta's c*ck..

    • Devon,

      the vast majority of Meejah stories derive from specific sources: clubs, managers, agents, even players themselves. Of course, this does not make them reliable, but don't make the mistake of thinking that the Meejah just make things up in this context.The Guardian printed the "Ribery to United" story which was traced back to Bayern via the Guardian's German correspondent (who he?) as Ribery's agent met with Barca representatives at his home, and Bayern were trying to inflate the fee by putting out a bogus story about United's interest. Ferguson planted a story about United's interest in Henry (which was totally bogus, even though it came direct from Fergie) to put pressure on Spurs to flog Berbatov - it happens all the time.

    • Pain in the as* they are these media people. Brace yourself for the worst mate, it's only just started, lol. I expect a lot of speculation around the following players that come to my mind instantly at this time:

      1. Tevez to leave United
      2. Owen to join Liverpool, or United, lol
      3. Lennon to one of the top 4 clubs
      4. Ronaldo to Real
      5. A top striker to United
      etc etc....

      As I said, get ready.... they will torture us very soon.

    • Hasn`t Forlan already said that he`s happy where he is? Also the media can`t make up their minds who Benitz`s main target is - one week its Barry, the next its David Villa and this week its Tevez. One paper even boldly went against the trend and predicted that Tevez would stay at utd as liverpool couldn`t afford him and their other targets.

    • Let's assume that he is going anyway. Then if he goes on with the things he's saying to the press, as reported, I will have lost all the respect I still have for him as a player before he actually leaves United.

      You see, Tevez is not stupid. He knows he's a fan favourite because of the way he plays. He gives his all in a game, but mind you, it's not because he loves United soooo much, but because it's just his style of playing the game. He was doing it at West Ham too. Fans love him for that, as Sir Alex said, fans "love triers", and this is true, and that's why Berba is not so popular.

      Now that Tevez is upset with Fergie or the United bosses, he's playing the "Fans love me here" game. He's simply USING the United fans against the manager and club, to try and solve his problems. Well, I love United, and United is made of owners, directors, a GREAT manager and staff, and other football players as well. And I won't support a player who is complaining this way. I back Fergie and company 100%, coz they are the ones who think about the interest of the club, not Mr. Argentina alone.

      Even Heinze was a fan favourite by the way, but after his attempts to join Liverpool, he was hated, and forgotten. Same thing will happen for Tevez if he goes to Anfield.

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      • That is why I said, I understand that. Love for a club is so strong that most people will "automatically" hate the rival ones. The players that you once really like thus immediately becomes the one you hate the most, simply because of rivalries.

        That is some sort of choice that most fans have made (or they didn't make any they simply just FOLLOW the "tradition"). You can choose to love, you can choose to hate. I never want to say it is kind of stupid or anything. It is just choice. It is very emotional, and very human indeed.

        I never try to change people's view. Only fools will do that :D

        But I choose not to hate, perhaps I don't have that "tradition" deep down in heart. And that is my choice. And I respect others' choice as well.

      • Very true. As with all good players who leave United, we adapt and move on.

    • If he has any choice in the matter, no.

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