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  • Lester Lester May 18, 2009 17:04 Flag

    Where the hell are you now ?

    Two seasons ago, at Christmas, an indestructible (it seemed) Chelsea team were top of the league.
    Last season, at Christmas, Arsenal players and fans were gloating about how fantastic they were playing and that the title was theirs to lose.
    This season, at Christmas, fat boy was claiming that the title was already 80% won.
    The incredible thing about United's achievement is not just that each year they have hunted down the leading team, while maintaining interest in at least one or both of the major cup competitions, but in the quality of the opposition. These teams havent been Villas or Norwichs or Ipswichs, they have been the other 3 teams who have dominated, no, humiliated, most of Europe to the point that we are in danger of being banned, or at least severely restricted.
    United still have some work to do. And the great thing about next Wednesday is that there couldnt be a more fitting club and team to face to seal this. But win or lose next week, we have just witnessed one of the greatest ever feats in english football history.
    On many an occasion over the last two decades there has been a sizable, and audible section of the Anfield faithful who have applauded United for their achievement. This hasnt been easy for them but they have understood that, once you fail to properly respect the winners of the most important competition, you've simply lost the plot completely.
    For about a month during and after this years "blip" this board was infested with United knockers. We've had a number of scousers who have shown their class, and one very dignified post in particular. But there are several highly conspicuous absentees this morning.
    We know Robert lost the plot some time ago, but Dave, you said you'd come in here and congratulate United if they won, where the blazes are you ?.

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    • Cant fault your post Lester, or Man U (nited, for those that believe its something other than the way most people refer to Man U), looking forward to next season already as a gooner and hoping Arshavin brings the title back to the home of football.

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      • 'Spent the last 2 days pretending I know something about computers.
        OK Dave, you are excused. 'Still a bit disappointed in a few others that took up residence in here during the blip. I see it took the excrement double act 4 days to pull themselves together though. Obsessed ?, you make the slayer/slutton double act look vaguely rational. (I've never been convinced that the latter are two people anyway, could you tell them apart ?)

        It's been fitting that Liverpool have assumed leading contender status this season, and would be even more so if it were the same again next season. If they come out of the traps in the same frame of mind that they acquired when all seemed lost this year then maybe the final result will be different. Or may be they'll be knackered once winter kicks in, as usual. We'll just have to wait and see.

        talkSport have been running 2 basic threads on the subject recently
        1) is Ferguson truly great
        2) is this team better than the Liverpool 84 team
        both are totally subjective of course, especially Q2. But the number of scousers insisting no to both is ridiculous.
        Liverpool beat ipswich, watford, southampton in getting their treble of titles in the early 80s. Non of these have even won a title, ever, let alone got to a champions league final in the last 4 seasons. Benitez, Wenger and Hiddink could all walk into the Bernabeu, and anywhere else bar the camp nou and OT come to that. should they chose. Robson is imo the best manager England ever had (the current one may make me revise that opinion). Lawrie Mac and Graham Taylor did incredibly well with what they'd got, but all 3 were then, and always will be, small clubs.

        The money issue has been done time again. The plain FACTs are that Ferguson has spent less than LFC in just about any period you care to list. Sure we've gone out and shelled out 30 mill on about 5 occasions, but that's clearly been good management combined with astute youth development and purchasing. Would Evra or Vidic be rated as the best players in their positions if they'd goine to Asenal or Liverpool ?, I doubt it. Would Fletcher and Carrick be even playing for Wenger if he'd found them on his squad sheet ?, perhaps not.. Would Ronaldo be both undisputed best player on the planet, and still playing in Englnd, if he'd gone anywhere else ?. Absolutely no way.

        The 82,83,84 title wining team from Merseyside only won the European cup once in that period. United can better that. No one has ever retained this competition in it's current format.
        History awaits you Reds, come on United!!!!

    • Well done Fergie!

    • Lester, posted my congrats today. Was off the board this weekend licking my wounds, but don't worry "we'll be back!"

    • Well said Lester. I really cannot understand people who try to put down the opposition. United's has been a great achievement only because Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are so good themselves. If Liverpool or either of the other two go on to win the title next season it will be a great achievement because United are so good.
      People who belittle the opposition, belittle the achievements of their own team. By the way the same is true of Managers which is why Benitez's sour grapes are really very self-defeating.