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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy May 19, 2009 00:55 Flag

    Where the hell are you now ?

    Well done Fergie!

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    • The reason fans find it difficult to congratulate Utd is often cos of the arrogance of the glory hunter brigade. Its ok when you do it to Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and City, but not when you post how you are gonna mash up Hull with a second team, that's arrogant.

      However, well done for the last time.

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      • Not sure who has said we'll mash up Hull with a second team but, as people have said, this year we've won because of our squad. A squad that in effect you could have 2 starting different 11s that can compete against any other starting 11 in the league.

        Assume a starting 11 for CL game of

        VDS, O'Shea, Rio, Vidic, Evra
        Ronaldo, Carrick, Anderson, Giigs, Rooney

        Then for the Hull game
        Kuzcack (cause Foster is now hurt)
        Rafael, Neville, Evans, Fabio
        Park, Fletcher, Scholes, Nani
        Welbeck, Tevez

        Would that team not have a decent chance at beating Hull? It's not arrogance for a lot of us, it's recognizing what ultimately won us the league this year.