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    One Bad Decision Cancels Another

    Personally, I do not believe for a second that one bad decision cancels another. There are simply too many random events/variables that affect the outcome of a game. If it were that simple, then football would be predictable and the talented managers would've figured out a "winning formula" by now. Fact is that even a player scratching his ar$e (or not) at the right time has a bearing on the outcome of a game for anyone to be able to make a statement like, "Oh, that penalty you got in the 1st leg cancels the red card we got in the 2nd leg". Thoughts?

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    • I know what you mean in that, every time a match kicks off at a weird time, I wonder if the result would be different if it was a 3pm Saturday kick-off. Still, they do tend, in general, to do so. Chelsea - Barca are an example: Barca were really unlucky in the decisions in the first leg, benefitted in the second leg. It's not a cast-iron rule, but I can't think of many cases where it hasn't worked out that way, at least between teams on a comparable level.

    • Every decision has an effect, every act has an impact. The idea that things even out at the end is that end of day teams get the fair share of bad/good calls and that for the most part the results at the end of the season - and we are talking about a league season - teams end up where they are because it's how the games played out. Not because of X number of good calls going for one team and Y number of calls going against another.

      If you are trying to say that end of the day the calls United ended up winning the league because of the calls they got and things really didn't even out at the end of the day ... you are wrong. United ended up exactly where they were because that's how the games played out and they had 90 points at the end of 38 games.