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  • Red_Till_Im_Dead Red_Till_Im_Dead May 27, 2009 07:23 Flag

    6 Points !

    All I keep hearing is how Liverpool beat us 4-1 and 2-1, they took 6 points from us, and fair play to them.

    But for years the dippers have gone on about Evertons two game season and how all everton care about is beating Liverpool, and they ridicule them, well Hahahaha.

    Liverpoo you won fcuk all, in fact Everton may well have a more successful season.

    I hope Liverpoo beat us twice a year every year if we win the League and get to the European cup final, win the Carling Cup, the World Club Cup & the charity shield.

    They stole a song from Celtic was sung in a football stadium for the first time at Old Trafford, Shankly stole a quote from an American football coach, and they use Everton's cast off ground.

    But as long as they get 6 points, hahahahaha


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