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  • Sorry Ryan, you obviously have NO IDEA what you are talking about. I will attempt to address your points as objectively as I can:

    1) LOL, this point is just pure BS friend. Sorry.

    2) Ronaldo is NOT the best player in the world, he WAS the best player in the world last year. We will know who the best is in a fe months time, and I'm sure it will be far from a "Messi" business.

    3) No one let's the other team dictate the pace. Barca, namely Iniesta and Xavi dictated the pace because they are THAT good.

    4) Do you think you are a better manager than Sir Alex? He knows what he is doing and if that is the team he sent out, then that means that was the best lineup you could possibly have produced.

    5) This is the only one you got right. The BEST midfields in the world are Spain, followed by Barca, then Chelsea, and when Gattuso is fit again, Italy.

    6) Rio was fine, it was Vidic that had a nightmare. Eto'o had him in his pocket all night and made him look like a proper CHUMP with that 1st goal.

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    • Sorry Vito, but I am just commenting about the game that I saw tonight.

      1) No, United were slight favourites before the match and I think the hype of it all made the United players a little bit too complacent.

      2) I said Ronaldo was potentially the best player, not the best player, and Barcelona did a good job in containing him after the opening few minutes.

      3) Did I not imply that Barcelona's midfield was better than United's, and from what I saw it largely dictated the match.

      4) The lineup is a lot different to the tactics. Tevez and Berbatov are both strikers but are completly diffrent type of players.

      5) Gee thanks!

      6) Funny but I thought Rio was more culpable in both goals.

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      • Ryan, I will give this another shot.

        1) That is just an excuse. Plain BS. These are highly paid professionals, so if you cite "complacency" as an excuse, then they have no business being on the pitch. Fact is that they were all up for the game as any professional footballer in Europe would be, since this is the BIGGEST game of the season.

        2) Ronaldo WAS the best player. As for who IS, potentially, or actually, we will see in a few months. I'll be willing to wager money it will be Messi.

        3) No you implied that United LET them dictate the pace. That does not imply that Barca was better, all that statement means is that United let the other team dictate the pace, when United might actually be the better team. Fact is that Xavi and Iniesta SCHOOLED the United midfield of Park, Anderson, Carrick, Giggs, and Ronaldo.

        4) Again, Fergie has been doing this for 26 years and is widely recognized as the BEST manager in football. Are you implying that you know better? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don't!!

        5) You're most welcome.

        6) Rio had NOTHING to do with the 1st goal which effectively lost you the match. Vidic had a HORRIBLE game where Eto'o made him look like schoolboy, nay, and absolute B1TCH. LOL. See the replay if you can; I can't be ar$ed to look up a Youtube link.

    • Sorry Ryan you obviously have No IDEA what you are talking about i will attempt to adress your points..(and wipe his b*ck side while i'm there.).........well i agree with him...you sound like a real pompus...d*ck....so he cant have his vaild opinion..