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  • Paul B Paul B May 29, 2009 19:12 Flag

    Name your team an Laugh at UTD

    So tell me Dark Soul, if Liverpool or Man City had been in that final, would you have been screaming them on, Nope, you would have wished that they got rolled over like Utd did.......My priorities are firstly as a football fan my team, secondly, I really dislike Man Utd and a small minority of their fans who spout rubbish on other's boards whenever they win.........So no sadist, not clinically insane and I've never claimed to have class.......... although that small minority of Utd fans who barrage us with caustic rubbish week in and week out DO cause other fans to hold a stereotypical view of what a Utd fan is..........A glory hunting, immature football fan whose only motivation is to wind up other fans of clubs less financially fortunate than your own.............Am I stereotyping Man Utd fans, Yep, I am enjoying doing so, Yep again I'm afraid...Maybe your right you know, no class but who needs class when I sit here typing with a smile on my face that will last right in to the weekend and beyond.....

    So please don't post about NOT wanting another team that is not your own to win a match when you know that's what supporting football is all about.........Ahh the happiness of it all.................Outplayed, Out Thought, Out Classed

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