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    Name your team an Laugh at UTD

    Well for all you Man Utd fans that come on to each and every one of our boards spouting your rubbish.........This is the wonderful world of payback: Outplayed, out thought, out classed: What an elegant display by a team that ripped you to shreds last night..............Did you see Messi, taken down time and time again and did you see him roll about for hours injured on the floor......NOPE, he got up straight away and still went for the ball.......What a brilliant night of football........Oh yeah, if this was ANY other English team that was ripped last night I am sure they would have had our comiserations.....But not UTD, Oh how we laughed in our little village pub all night long...........Paul, Aston Villa.....

    Name your club and laugh at the unmodest fans who believe it was their right to win last night...Ha ha and again ha

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    • Have to say sitting in the pub last night, in LONDON, full of so called United "supporters", i was wetting myself laughing, getiing filthy looks off half the GLORY supporting fans, a HUGE smile on my handsome face enjoying the SILENCE, you could hear a pin drop in there, my thoughts turned to all the MANKY tarts on here who love giving it to everyone else, Chris, Ian, Butch in particular, i bet there faces were a treat, i know Fergies was.


      And an EMBARRASSMENT to English football last night.


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      • I wouldn't normally respond or post on a thread like this but after speaking with a number of Man Utd fans who were so sure they were going to win before the game even started and for all the rubbish that's constantly posted on the LFC board, I had to sign up for this: I thought the only two players who seemed to want the ball for you in midfield last night was Tevez (and he came on at half time) and Carrick, the rest of them looked like zombies at times: You really all do deserve some stick Utd forum posters and hopefully you'll take it on the chin, because you sure do know how to give it out.

      • Have you not realized that only the nu-footie, Hornby generation of Arsenal supporters refer to themselves as "Gooners", you total plastic fucking div?

      • well last year, utd scrapped a penalty win. that was luck. this year they thought they could do it again. but barca were just to good. inesta and messi were running rings round utd players. some parts of the game, the 30 mins till half time, i though barca were having a training session. utd looked like a sunday league team.

    • Paul B pls state where it says it was our right to win it? We got beat last night and well yeah it wasn't good to watch for us. We did however get around 60 million just for being in the final and Barcelona got less than 10 million more than us. That's the only comfort I can get from us losing in the final.

      We did however get to the final and unless your team is Barcelona than you must be a sadist or clinically insane for being happy that another team lost when it's not yours that won. You simply have no class and you're simply stereotyping us United fan. What does that bring you? Happiness? Well if it does than you simply need to get your priorities right.

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      • So tell me Dark Soul, if Liverpool or Man City had been in that final, would you have been screaming them on, Nope, you would have wished that they got rolled over like Utd did.......My priorities are firstly as a football fan my team, secondly, I really dislike Man Utd and a small minority of their fans who spout rubbish on other's boards whenever they win.........So no sadist, not clinically insane and I've never claimed to have class.......... although that small minority of Utd fans who barrage us with caustic rubbish week in and week out DO cause other fans to hold a stereotypical view of what a Utd fan is..........A glory hunting, immature football fan whose only motivation is to wind up other fans of clubs less financially fortunate than your own.............Am I stereotyping Man Utd fans, Yep, I am enjoying doing so, Yep again I'm afraid...Maybe your right you know, no class but who needs class when I sit here typing with a smile on my face that will last right in to the weekend and beyond.....

        So please don't post about NOT wanting another team that is not your own to win a match when you know that's what supporting football is all about.........Ahh the happiness of it all.................Outplayed, Out Thought, Out Classed

      • Quote from Dark Soul
        "We did however get to the final and unless your team is Barcelona than you must be a sadist or clinically insane for being happy that another team lost when it's not yours that won. You simply have no class and you're simply stereotyping us United fan. What does that bring you? Happiness? Well if it does than you simply need to get your priorities right."

        Your kidding right?

    • out played,out sung,out classed......they have been a fraud all season......mike,liverpool.

    • You bitter...f****rs.....come clean our trophys......go cry in each others soup...for winning nout as usual..........

    • I knew before the game that Barca were favourites. They have 3 of the out of the top 10 strikers in the world. 2 out of the top 10 midfielders in the world. They play exquisite football.

      I think Fergie overlooked a few things. Well it's just one. He played the same system that beat Arsenal quite comfortably. The thing is a big part of that success was due to fletcher. Carrick is not and will never be a holding midfielder. He just doesn't have the will and tenacity to do so. He's a great passer of the ball. Hargreaves wasn't available so i really don't understand how he could play the same exact system against a much better team without a proper holding midfielder. He could have stuck O'shea in there and Rafael on the right but that would be a big gamble.

      Gardiola took a gamble of his own with his defence and played an attacking game so that United wouldn't be able to continuously pressurise their defence if Barca had the ball. It worked to perfection. It was a system which they are very used to so even with the likes of Alves and Abidal missing they could cope really well and they did.

      Ronaldo said that the tactics were wrong. He may be right but that should not be a real excuse in the manner which lost. Hats of to Barca. They thoroughly deserved it. It was basically a case of who coped better without their suspended players and Barca came out victorious. Do i want to see a massive clear out? No! Do i want to see Fergie leave? No!

      I think winning trophies is a definitely a great feeling but when we lose we should stick together and not point blame on everything. It's a true test of our character. U stay the same, come out stronger or just crumble under it. We'll see what happens with the players. It's got to suck. The sooner they get over it the better. We simply can't afford a hangover leading into the new season.

    • Laugh at United....so what does that say for the the rest ....losers...we know were going to win major trophys next season.....you know you'r going to win nout.....keep laughing at us....nice sensible thread...well though out......more please....!

    • A fair reflection of the game would have seen a 5-0 win for Barcelona. Quite simply the most one-sided European Final in living memory.

      As ManUre fans are the most arrogant, unpleasant supporters in the world it was absolutely fitting to see them taken apart in this way. Real football fans are still laughing now.

    • i dont normally post on here BUT i would just like to say >>>>>WELL DONE BARCELONA<<<<<

      with all the shit we have had to put up with on the arsenal chelsea liverpool boards now have some back. i pmsl the way your team caved in in the final. embarrassment is an understatement believe me on that.

      aaahhhhhh what a lovely day

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      • Where were you Utd, did you forget that you were supposed to be making history last night as said by fergie, did you not listen to all your fans who told us that by the end of the night you WOULD lift the champions league.

        Oh the joy when that final whistle went: Banter, great when it works both ways.

        Barca were brilliant on the night and Utd looked like rabbits caught in headlights---------And as for Ronaldo blaming Tactics.

    • Arsenal, and its going to make me titter for years and years and years and.....


      Nice one Butch!

      Tiss good to see you taking that smile being wiped off your Manky faces with typical Manky nastiness.

      Oh tiss a GREAT day!

      There there, you lot love giving it, but dont you just loathe taking it back on the chin! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL


      you should hang your head in SHAME!

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