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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter May 29, 2009 03:14 Flag

    Are you watching Merseyside?.....

    LOL I was watching and was laughing my head off ... all this smug crap spouting from Man Ure and it's pathetic fans lol priceless to see them brought back down to earth lol they deserved that defeat.. Not only did we (LFC) own Man Utd all season Barca did it too lol.. yet these stupid Man Utd fans still think they're the best and furthermore just goes to show the World Club Championship is the joke tournament every football fan (aside from Man Utd ones) all knew it was...

    Hearing them brag they're the World Club Champions well if thats so then why were they beaten in all departments by Barcelona the European Champions lol...

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    • And just how many trophies your two victories over united bring you?

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      • Seriously Will - None....ok ?

        ..But what they did do was affirm the fact that we are a better team than you - head-to-head.

        We do realise we haven't the squad depth you have - and that is why you won the premiership.

        I should point out that if we had turned 1 of our 11 draws into a win & you had drawn 1 of your wins - we would now be champions - of course that is a big 'if' - you won the championship fair and square.

        Your League cup win was based on a penalty 'lottery'.

        Your World Club win was, at best, a marketing circus....

        You were of course outclassed for 80 mins last night versus Barca - I won't rub it in.

        If you had read some of the absolutely arrogant drivel and hatred that has been posted on this and the LFC board over the last 9 months you will know why this particular board has come in for a bit of a pounding in the last 24 hours.

        ..If your players and manager learn a bit of humility over the next couple of months you may win a lot of trophies next year too...but 'think' you are good enough to walk on a pitch and win next year, you may be in for a rude awakening.

    • Our weakness are indeed exposed with the loss to you and to Barcelona. SAF will address it even if it means we have to sell Ronaldo.

      But you will continue with Rafa which is really hopeless. Btw, we are not the best, we are just 4 points better than you.