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  • willthered willthered May 29, 2009 05:05 Flag

    Are you watching Merseyside?.....

    And just how many trophies your two victories over united bring you?

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    • Seriously Will - None....ok ?

      ..But what they did do was affirm the fact that we are a better team than you - head-to-head.

      We do realise we haven't the squad depth you have - and that is why you won the premiership.

      I should point out that if we had turned 1 of our 11 draws into a win & you had drawn 1 of your wins - we would now be champions - of course that is a big 'if' - you won the championship fair and square.

      Your League cup win was based on a penalty 'lottery'.

      Your World Club win was, at best, a marketing circus....

      You were of course outclassed for 80 mins last night versus Barca - I won't rub it in.

      If you had read some of the absolutely arrogant drivel and hatred that has been posted on this and the LFC board over the last 9 months you will know why this particular board has come in for a bit of a pounding in the last 24 hours.

      ..If your players and manager learn a bit of humility over the next couple of months you may win a lot of trophies next year too...but 'think' you are good enough to walk on a pitch and win next year, you may be in for a rude awakening.