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  • A Yahoo! User May 31, 2009 11:51 Flag

    Why people CAN'T stand your lot?

    So true mate. To be honest, I have only encountered a couple of worthy posters on this board. The Levy seems to be the most knowledgeable and there's Wise Son - not as intelligent, but a worthy poster all the same. Then there's the nonces like Cantona, Not Butch, etc. Ian is alright in my book although a lot seem to dislike him. I like Viva Rome-aldo and Sepp Platini too - those two wind-ups crack me up. But still, overall, at least this board is better than the Chelsea board which is filled with absolute garbage and non-footie posters. They seem to talk about anything from immigrants to missing children; anything BUT footie. In general, the Arsenal and Liverpool boards seem to be the best for any footie banter.