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  • ian h ian h Jun 5, 2009 15:24 Flag

    United has a 'great' youth policy..

    Actually i think the fact that other clubs solely purchase their youth, or buy cheaper foreign players rather than develop English youth is the reason less United youth team players make it ( at United ). If all teams produced their own payers United would be miles clear. But they don't Wenger scours Europe for cheap foreign players and does a damn good job of it too. For United to compete only the very best youngsters can stay. Welbeck will stay, Frazier-Cambell will go, but to another premiership club. Ebanks-Blake went to the Championship became top scorer and got promoted. Johnny Evans will stay, Pique ( not Uk i know ) left, for a small club with no ambition.

    We still have the most English players, Foster Ferdinand , Neville, Brown Eckersley could be our back 4 and goalie. Hargreaves , Carrick, Scholes and Welbeck could be our midfield. Assuming Welbeck picks England and not Ghana. Rooney and Frazier- Campbell up front, now that team would not win the league, but can a premiership club pick a starting English 11 that could even compete ? Villa maybe , anyone else.