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  • Michael Michael Jun 5, 2009 04:01 Flag

    United has a 'great' youth policy..

    When they sell their talented British players in favour of foreign blood claiming it as their own.


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    • Rubbish, Gibson especially has been training with the first team all season, and made appearances and scored goals in several competitions. The difference betwen United and Arsenal is that Fergie uses a gradual integration into the first team in the majority of cases.

      Gibson's had his chance and taken it, and has earned the right to make more first-team appearances next year. Martin should expect to be in Gibson's place next season.

      Your last line is clearly a wind-up.

    • Walcott was a bought player not one who came through the academy system

    • Campbell, Gibson and Martin have not been given a chance at united.

      Fergies first instinct is to sell the talent he has in favour of overhyped foreign trype.

    • Beckham, Neville, Butt and Scholes are not young, you say? I had no idea.

      Or are you talking about Campbell, Gibson, Wellbeck, Eckersley, Martin?

      If those Arsenal players you mention get 10 games, great, but you really can't guarentee that. The point is, based on the traditions of the clubs, United, and probably West Ham and Villa represent the best opportunity for domestic talent.

    • One problem all the players you mentioned are has-beens!!!

      You asked for a list ok lets say under 21 is youth, the following Arsenal english youth will get over 10 games: Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Emmanuel-Thomas, Simpson, Hoyte and Frimpong. And Utds?

    • Wake up!!! Utd youth are in the same division as City and they mashed you up, to win the league easily. Then they played Arsenal in the FA Cup Youth semi-finals, and we whipped them in both legs, and did it again in the divisional play-offs. By the way, the only non English youth players were Francis Coquelin and Sunu.

    • Don't follow youth being developed by other clubs, but I'd bet West Ham would give you a run for your money.

    • Actually i think the fact that other clubs solely purchase their youth, or buy cheaper foreign players rather than develop English youth is the reason less United youth team players make it ( at United ). If all teams produced their own payers United would be miles clear. But they don't Wenger scours Europe for cheap foreign players and does a damn good job of it too. For United to compete only the very best youngsters can stay. Welbeck will stay, Frazier-Cambell will go, but to another premiership club. Ebanks-Blake went to the Championship became top scorer and got promoted. Johnny Evans will stay, Pique ( not Uk i know ) left, for a small club with no ambition.

      We still have the most English players, Foster Ferdinand , Neville, Brown Eckersley could be our back 4 and goalie. Hargreaves , Carrick, Scholes and Welbeck could be our midfield. Assuming Welbeck picks England and not Ghana. Rooney and Frazier- Campbell up front, now that team would not win the league, but can a premiership club pick a starting English 11 that could even compete ? Villa maybe , anyone else.

    • And what about the list of young english players released by arsenal these past few years.People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones.