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    Don't Buy Big, DEVELOP!!!


    Ive been barking this out on here for the past 3 years, falling on deaf (and dumb) ears every time, but now more than ever it seems appropriate.

    The financial situation is one reason, our history is the MAIN one, but also, has there ever been a better time?

    We have an array of immensely talented kids, I would argue greater in talent than the class of 92, and this time they would be coming into a team that is top dog, Englands finest, brimming with experienced players to learn off, 3 in a row champions, 2 CL finals in a row, and favourites for next season.

    Benzema is not the answer (yes Ive watched him this season - is £40m a joke?!), Tevez - save the money and let him moan on someone elses watch, Huntelaar - I thought we got rid of one dutch goal hanger for a reason, etc etc, its the same with all the other players on your fantasy lists.

    Im fully behind Fergies 'invest in success' philosophy most seasons, lord knows we've dont plenty of that the past couple seasons, but now I believe investing in the kids is the best way to secure our future, whilst sticking to our proud ROOTS!

    Remember the Busby Babes????!!!

    Yes its ironic to have idiotic (and PLASTIC) Francenal fans on here talking about us letting kids go, but as long as we start bringing SOME through then the system is doing its job.

    I keep hearing people say Welbeck and Macheda aren't ready, are you people for real?!

    Rooney and Berbatov will both see that these two get a limited amount of opportunities (that and Fergie likes playing with one upfront), and we gave Tevez a bloody load of games this season - was his return as good as either of those two kids?

    The answer is NO!

    Welbeck and Macheda scored two of our best 5 goals this season, and one of them was a injury time winner! Tevez just runs alot, mostly like a headless chicken!

    Bring the kids through Fergie for f*cks sake! And stick that Fabio on the left wing please when he's fit!

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    • Looks like we won't be seeing Campbell in a United shirt any more.

    • Whats that then? now you fnd yourselves in MASSIVE debt, erm........lets take more notice of the Arsenal blueprint!


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      • I think you'll find it the other way round; Arsenal has copied United - even to the point of debt!

        United has developed youngsters for ages and got them into their first team. Arsenal has developed youngsters but doesn't seem to be able to take the final step and get them into their 1st X1.

      • You should start up an "I Love Manchester United" fan club seeing as all you do is go on and on and on and on about "Manchester United"

        Wow just think, you could have little pink T-shirts with "We Love Manchester United" written across the front or "Do you know United?" or "You ARE United" or "Feck the Football We WANT Unitedr" or "Fergie SIGN Fabongrass" Oh the possibilities are endless huh, dont go getting too excited now.



    • I think while things are going well for Utd, you definately need to develop your younger talent. Obviously, you will replace Tevez but I don't think you are likely to spend much more than whatever his replacement costs.

      I don't think the 700 million debt around Utd's neck should be ignored. I think it definately needs to be reduced if you don't want to follow Liverpool.

      I know ofcourse you will say it can't happen to Utd. True while you dominate, but what if Chelsea, City, Sunderland or Pompey succeed in buying success. Or Arsene Wenger's Project comes good.

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      • Andy, I think the very same thing can happen to United, or to be more specific, to United's owners. As much as the papers like to make it sound like Liverpool is on the verge of going bankrupt, in my opinion it is the holding company of the two stooges who are at that risk. They will either be forced to sell and lose a bunch of money in the process, or they scrape together the funds somehow and continue to operate.
        The really worse case scenario is that they scrape a re-finance package together and try to cover their losses by selling off players, although I doubt it would happen as that would devalue the club and make it harder to sell. The Glazers are at the same risk, but the club isn't. Even in the current economic climate for something as valueable as United or Liverpool there would be a buyer (someone bought City FFS!), or the club could become publicly traded once more.
        In terms of a mortgage, if I don't pay it on my bar, the bar wouldn't be demolished, I'd just lose it to the bank who would then resell it themselves to an appropriate buyer. The only person who would be SOL would be me.
        All that aside I agree 100% that development is the best and most cost effective way to go. It is always the best way to promote internally.

    • I agree with one caveat - if Hargreaves can't recover, he will need to be replaced. The current squad is good enough to win the PL, even if Tevez leaves, but to win in Europe we do need a defensive midfielder beside Fletcher. To play those two (or one of those two) would allow Anderson or Carrick or Scholes to push forward and support the forwards while they could control the midfield. I know Anderson has often done well in a more defensive role, but I think his strength is his passing and strong runs - and I know that is more the role he played for Porto and for Brazil as a U21 player.
      I hope Hargreaves can make it through his injuries, he is a delight to watch, probably the best and neatest tackler in the world, and a well rounded midfielder.

    • Totally agree with you.

      I have nobody on the "Go get him" wish list.
      Christ we almost won everything this year so there aint much wrong (if anything).

      I have posted another thread saying we should dump Tevez after his constant bitching towards the end of the season so for me that would be the only personnel change which would free up space to let some of the kids have a go.

      Raphael at RB which would mean the bench for O'Shea who has done a great job this year but is limited.
      Wes returning would mean we have cover for RB and CB with O'Shea being retained because of Wes's injury record.

      Fletcher is at the level SAF predicted for him a few years ago and is almost a certain starter given Hargreaves current situation.

      The Ginger Ninja is definitely in the twighlight now but still has lots to offer, as does Giggs.
      Hopefully Ben can get over his awful injury luck and take over from VDS because he really will be the English Schmeichel.

      Everywhere else we are well covered.
      Role on 19 !!

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      • For 80% of the matches, I agree with you. But those 20% against the very top teams in EPL and CL could catch us out again. The outstanding skill levels of Giggs and Scholes have yet to be adequately replaced. Yes, I agree that we have some outstanding young talent, but as well as having chances to perform it also needs to be nurtured without the risk of burn-out.
        I would be dissapointed if we didn't recruit at least one more top class talent even assuming no-one ( excluding fringe players) leaves this summer. Neither Valencia nor Delph will stay at their respective clubs this summer and without breaking the bank they would both be useful additions. Of course if Ronaldo were to leave I would expect a top class attacking recruitment to be made.

    • I agree with bringing through certain kids. The Da Silva twins i'm sure will become more and more involved next season. Sticking Fabio on the left is a good shout, in fact I think both of the twins are better on the wings. Personally i've been saying we should sign someone for the left wing, for example David Silva, but if Fergie were to stick Fabio there, I would be happy with that, as I think he could be excellent there.

      I am a fan of Benzema Chris, and I do think he is the sort of striker that we have a lacked. I have also said that Kiko could be that player. I do want to see Kiko and Danny more involved next season, but I would also be happy with signing Benzema. Personally i'd love to see him signed, and both Tevez and Berbatov moved on. I have been a big fan of Carlos, but he isn't worth the £25.5mil fee for the end product we get from him.
      I do see the qualities Berbatov has, but I still don't think he fits into our style of play, with quick free flowing football. He slows that down. Rooney supporting Benzema, with Macheda and Welbeck as back ups would be my dream front line for next season. Pretty unlikely we'll see that though.

      Buying big will depend a lot with what happens with Cristiano Ronaldo also. The press speculation has already started again, with todays papers claiming we are now ready to accept a £75mil bid from Madrid. If there were any shred of truth in that, then I would expect us to sign a top replacement, like a Ribery for example. I would prefer to see Ronny stay, but if we used the cash wisely, it could work in our favour.

      I do think we lack something in central midfield at times. I am a big fan of Fletchers, and I also don't agree with a lot of the stick Carrick gets at times, but a tough tackling play maker would be a good addition, unless Fergie really is 100% sure that Owen Hargreaves is going to return. I think he is the sort of player we have missed in the bigger games.

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      • 'I would also be happy with signing Benzema. Personally i'd love to see him signed, and both Tevez and Berbatov moved on.'

        This is what I mean really. Its not that I dont rate Benzema, but I just dont think signing him is going to change the situation without making drastic changes.

        I said this when we got Berbatov, hows it going to work? Tevez was flying pre-season, and then he was made a sub, it was inevitable his form was going to suffer, and it was inevitable he would feel aggrieved considering how well he did last season as Rooneys partner.

        Berbatov should never have been signed, he's class, but just doesn't fit in to our style, we'd have been better off keeping Ruud, at least he scored!

        I believe having two world class strikers and the two kids to make up the foursome is the best scenario, for the kids as well as the team.

        And of course if Ronaldo went, I would hope we bought a replacement as you guys have stated, I just dont envisage that happening to be honest. We have a massive squad, its time to inject more youth into it, they're good enough now so we can't miss this opportunity.