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    United - the UNHAPPY club


    Man Ure plastics and fair-weather gloryhunters

    In light of the shameful ongoing “will they won’t they stay” sagas of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez (yawnnn), one burning question has to be asked.

    WHY is it that top class players never seem to be happy at United and invariably NEVER stay at the club, leaving under a huge DARK CLOUD!

    Let’s look at the overwhelming evidence

    Best – QUIT the club at only 27 after bad treatment forced him to hit the bottle and went to Fulham, where he later said he enjoyed the BEST TIME of his career… at Craven Cottage, winning no honours!

    Cantona – retired at only 30 after Man Ure got hammered in the CL and has moaned about the club ever since

    Stam – Stupidly sold to Italy in his prime after slamming United and Red Nose in his book.

    Keane – Unceremoniously offloaded to Celtic after slamming Man Ure players and the prawn sandwich brigade at OT.

    Beckham – Got bigger than the club, was violated by Red Nose and left for the mighty REAL MADRID under a storm of negative publicity for Man Ure.

    Van Nistlerooy – one of the top poachers of all time, benched for no reason and left OT grumbling… for the mighty REAL MADRID

    Forlan – Hated the club, fans and the city of manc-hester, then turned from a United FLOP into a goal scoring MACHINE in Spain overnight. Funny that!

    Barthez – After a decent start his career at United turned into a NIGHTMARE and he was sent packing in favour of ROY CARROLL (haha). Only at Man Ure could a World Cup winning goalie see his career RUINED like that. No wonder he hates the club.

    Add to this the likes of Ince, Cole, Yorke, Sherringham and soon to be Anderson, Ronaldo and Tevez and it’s clear to see that not ONE of the above was (or is) happy at United. All left under a cloud and moved on to other clubs or retired when in reality these players should’ve been at Man Ure until the very end of their careers.

    With the show pony and Mutley BOTH saying they want to move on and even a donkey like Anderson saying “his dream is to be coached by the special one and play in ITALY” - surely this means that Man U is nothing but a second rate club and a stepping stone to greener pastures for the game’s elite.

    I know it and you know it. The difference is, I accept it and you deluded t*ssers don’t…


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