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  • When I suggested a few weeks ago that it made good sense to actually sell Ronaldo for a substantial sum before his market value depreciated and to use to the funds to not only find a reasonable replacement, but to pay off debts, a lot of posters on this board thought the idea was ludicrous! Surprising how many of the same posters are now saying this is great business. Wow, is this how fickle United fans are? I can now begin to see why they are the object of such ridicule in England. If they are so fickle, I don't doubt that the support and revenue for United are going to go down this season and up for Madrid!

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    • While John 'The Levy' gets 10/10 for predictions (nice one John!) I only get 10/10 for hindsight, as I have consistently said Ronaldo is going nowhere and he has pledged his future to United.... Oooops! I certainly didn't want him to go, and I stand by my view that you shouldn't sell your best players for any amount of money. So I remain upset that he has gone and feel our squad is diminished by his absence. That said, I would like to defend my fellow United supporters on this board who have changed or developed their opinions as the facts have unfolded. The amount paid is at the far, far high end of any predictions and, most importantly, Ronaldo has confirmed his desire to leave - which is different from all his statements this season, prior to the transfer. As such, whilst I haven't changed my mind, I can fully see the logic of those arguing that this is good business in the light of all the facts as we know them now. I keep reminding myself of how upset I was with the retirement of Cantona and the departures of Beckham, Stam and RVN. Yet in all cases United went on to greater heights..... The club and the team are bigger than the sum of the parts of the individual players.

    • World player of the Year................."crap" ?

      Ian, you're boring me silly.

      And his name is Ronaldo, NOT "Eonaldo".

    • without a doubt youre right.
      But then don't al supporters see their team through rose coloured specs.
      I for one was a big fan of ronaldo and saw him as the best in the world up until a couple of days agowhen i knew he was going.
      Now i realise what a diving arrogant prancing prat this guy really is, and players like Messi, Iniesta and Kaka are heads and shoulders above this guy in terms of talent and as human beings.
      Fergie is a past master, and really he has no need to rebuild the team just make slight tweaks here and there.
      United will again be the richest club this year, but as both the back and front of my shirt will be out of date pretty soon, i'll wait till next season to buy a new one.

    • Eh I think it still sucks - there is no direct replacing a player like him. Still if it's happened then it's happened for a very good reason - from Fergie to the top, there is a reason and that is good business, if they know they have a problem and they can get 80 mil for it - sure they won't replace him, maybe they'll unearth another him - but, one thing is for sure - they can use the money to solidfy the club for the future. If that is to invest directly with money got or to even pay off debts to add financial stability - then that goes to good business.

      Purely football - no it doesn't make sense, as I said, there is no direct replacing him. Business wise - am sure it make sense.

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      • It's true we won't replace him, but like you say, we're more likely to develop another great player. Remember, Ronaldo was a relatively unknown teenager when we brought him and gave him the shirt just vacated by Beckham. Took a while for him to turn his potential into reality as a player, but he got there, and he and the club reaped the benefits.

        It's always a shame to see great players go, but I don't even want to see Fergie go desperately chasing big-name signings just to replace him. We got stronger after Robson left, then after Eric left, through to Keane, Beckham and Van Nistelrooy. I won't try to be a psychic like so many on here, but there's reason to trust that we will get stronger, not weaker, from this, even if we take a while to adjust (as we did when we changed from Becks to Ronnie).

        Rest assured, even if we suffer next season, I won't be calling for Fergie's head, and if we win stuff, I'll also avoid crowing (too much).

      • Actually, I think it makes perfect sense. People have got to know how Ronaldo plays. That's probably why he wasn't nearly as effective last season. This could be the perfect time to cash in on him. There's talk of Alaxis Sanchez coming to United.

    • Are you asking me or Butch? I don't think you can but perhaps Butch can clarify.

      Time in Cairns - 8:58pm Friday (EST); Cocoa time then to bed with my Koala.

    • The reason United fans are saying its good business is because it is. A 'few weeks' ago, no one could have imagined getting £80m for him, more like £50m, so that's why.

    • Right now, he has his hands full giving you and Doggs handjobs. You really should worry about Milan. I believe United is in better shape than your beloved Milan.

    • They are all in denial mate. You wait tell they hear fergie ain't getting any of the £80m for new players. Servicing the debt comes first...

      I hear things are so bad fergie is thinking about raiding Alfy Noakes' charity fund !!