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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Jun 20, 2009 16:48 Flag

    your local football league club ?

    I just think this 'support your local team' stuff is just bollocks. There are a 1001 reasons why you might not.

    And here we have a Gooner as a classic case. Lives near The O's yet supports Arsenal. And why Arsenal and not Spurs who are probably just as close? Perhaps Arsenal were winning things when he chose his team?

    And half Arsenal's supporters haven't been near their place. So what?

    Barry, would you like to actually debate or comment on anything?

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    • I agree you are the top team in terms of success. Over the last twenty years.

      I am north london boy and wouldn't ever even consider supporting a team in south london, let alone in a place I have no connection too.

      Most of your fans simply chose the team at the top of the league. And there are loads of other reasons you can fool yourselves with, but that is the main reason for most of your supporters over the last fifteen years.

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      • I don't delude myself about why we have fans all over this country and the world. People like to be associated with success.

        You are deluding yourself if you think its just a Manchester United thing. Liverpool got loads of fans on board from 70's and 80's, Arsenal more recently and Chelsea even more recently.

        The one thing I can't stand is people switching teams to follow success and whilst the ABUs may call people 'plastic' and 'gloryhunters' I don't think many, if any, on this board have done that.

      • "Most of your fans simply chose the team at the top of the league."

        Prove it, or admit you're talking out of your arse.

        "I am north london boy"

        You said you were an East London boy.

        Admit it, Leyton Orient is your local team, but you chose to be a glory hunter and support Arsenal, if Orient had been top you'd be supporting them now.