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  • I M I M Jun 20, 2009 20:15 Flag

    Tevez "SNUBS" Man U

    Welsh-a question for you also for posters who actually post about football-if tezev signs for another Premier League team, what sort of reaction will he get at o t? That applies to ronaldo, if you were to draw real madrid in champs league. Think they will get a good reception off the fans?

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    • Most ex-United players get a very good reception when they return to OT. Exceptions usually apply if they join fierce traditional rivals such as Citeh, Liverpool or Leeds. Even then, some still get applauded. I suspect Ronaldo would get a few choruses of 'Viva Ronaldo!' if only to remind him of what a mistake he has made and what he is missing. Tevez would only get barracked if he chose a move to Middle Eastlands or Anfield. Otherwise they would be welcomed back proportionate to the contributions they have made. This is my opinion.