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  • Mick Mick Jun 24, 2009 00:08 Flag

    For Manchester United Fans ONLY

    Who thinks that ONLY people Born and raised or currently living in Manchester should support Manchester United?

    For the t*ssers who ignored the title.......

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    • Sunderland do have good support. But a little known fact about Manchester United is that 72% of season-ticket holders come from the North-West region,in spite of what the ABUs and idiots would have us believe.

    • Too true, Pad. Although as United were seen as the Irish Catholic club in Manchester, it was Everton in Liverpool. Iknow that type of sectarianism has gone in Manchester and Liverpool (unlike Glasgow), but it does survive in terms of families handing down their team. It is interesting that all the Liverpool players with Irish background were Evertonians as kids: Gerrard, Carragher, McManaman, etc, whereas many of those that supported Liverpool as kids had Welsh scouse backgrounds.

    • "Not quite true paddy (another Irish Liverpool fan proving my point"
      Actually Im english though my family is of Irish descent. This is quite common right across the north west especially merseyside due to liverpool being a major port to and from Ireland.
      This is just a little fact that you would already knowe if you had ever actually visited the North West

    • I think the problem here Mick is that your club is full of plastics who do not SUPPORT the club. That includes people like levy, butch, lil chrissy, harris etc etc who won't even subscribe to OFFICIAL MUTV channels let alone attend matches or buy official club merchandise, but are happy to RIP OFF the club by tuning into illegal online TV that does not contribute a penny to the club, and buy replica shirts proudly displaying them on their profiles.

      The gang of "CROOKS" who indulge in such underhand practise and rob their own club, I'm afraid to say, include such high horse merchants as Syco291, Jungle Jim, and Judge Teeepeeeeee. I expected better from these two but they would rather encourage irresponsible behaviour than condemn it. No wonder the youngsters like lil chrissy and butch post more and more links to "freebies" on these forums. And they think they're being clever!

      So, as you have so obviously noticed, you are the target of relentless -but RIGHTFUL- persecution, and long may that continue.


    • Just ignore the hypocrites Mick, Liverpool would be nothing without their Irish and Norwegian fans, not to mention the fact they have a large following in Spain and Asia, and as many fans down south as us!

      Most of Francenals support is foreign, and Chelski weren't complaining when the prawns switched allegiances following their very BRIEF stay at the top.

      United is a Manchester club, but you dont have to come from there to love the club, and not be considered a prawn.