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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2009 18:33 Flag

    ....The Top 4....Next Season..???

    I expect utd, chelsea and liverpool to be in the top four but arsenal might struggle to remain in there. As much as I would love to see everton make the top four they have a small squad and are over reliant on certain players. They also appear to lack the spending power to bring in the quality players they need to make the leap from top six to top four. As for city - you can have too much of a good thing. It takes even the best players time to settle which is why its not usually a good idea to bring in too many players at the same time. I think it could take awhile for their team to gell so I think top six is a more realistic target with the possibility that they could win one of the cups. If a team is going to break in to the top four I think its moe likely to be aston villa. Although they faded in the second half of the season they showed enough quality early on to suggest that they are just a couple of decent signings away fron being a major threat. And though they have lost Barry their younger players are just that bit more experienced plus they have a bit of money to bring in a couple of new faces. So as long as they do bring in a couple of players and don`t lose any more of their stars they could be the ones to break in to the top four.