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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jul 1, 2009 20:37 Flag

    ....The Top 4....Next Season..???

    1. Arsenal due to so many improving younsters.
    2. Liverpool as the buying and selling won't make much difference.
    3. Man City so many good new players and no europe to worry about.
    4. Man Utd due to the reduction in fire power from midfield and Berba continuing to flop.
    5. Spurs no europe to worry about so best of the rest.
    6. Chelsea see mother time finally catch up with an aging squad.

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    • 1. United, with new signing Valencia, and another 2,with Rooney scoring at least 25 goals.
      2; Chelsea
      3. Liverpool
      4. Man City
      5. Arsenal, with Wenger moaning about the ref, the opposition not letting them win, the pitch, and the opposing teams' fans making too much noise. Slayer changing to become a Real Madrid fan.