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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 30, 2009 00:39 Flag

    ....The Top 4....Next Season..???

    Its way too early for this sean...

    However, as much as I'd like to see Everton break in to the top four at the most likely expense of Francenal, I think the top four teams will remain the same next season, with Citeh coming very close.

    If Francenal can flog Ade and bring in a couple of surprise signings then they may start to show some improvement.

    I've got a feeling Liverpool have peaked and are going to lose a key player or two, and we all know Rafa is clueless in the market for the most part. 3rd at best most likely.

    Expect chelski to make a couple of serious moves and be our nearest rivals, and I do think we will still be the team to beat. Hopefully people continue to write us off, it will play to our advantage massively.

    4 in a row, number 19, dont bet against it.

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