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    ....The Top 4....Next Season..???


    Who Will it Be,........???

    1. Man UTD
    2. Chelsea
    3. Everton
    4. Man City

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    • But if so useless, why you still engaged in answering posts? Do you enjoy going spending your time engaged in useless activity?

      Of course it was a wind up. But just because the original thread was pulling the leg, many people decided to post their view, so why not have a go like the rest.

      Or are you one of those out there that can't be seen chatting like an adult with a Liverpool supporter? I'd hate to ruin your image with all the so called cyber hard men out there. But don't worry in the real world no-one will actually know, besides in the real world actually engaging your brain can help you out, that's why some of the more inteligent mancs on here debate rather than just hurl abuse when someone like me shows up.

    • The thread was a wind-up ...

      1. Liverpool
      2. Chelsea
      3. Arsenal
      4. Man City

      Most people took it as such, you chose to focus on United LOSING players without taking into consideration BUYING players, and then claimed Liverpool will keep the same squad.

      As I said, POINTLESS.


      1.loserpool (if they keep their good players...hold on...)
      2.farcenal (set to have the last laugh if they get MELO)
      4.££££££ (££££££ ££££ ££££ ££££££)
      5. England FC (which I don't mind, fair play to them)
      6. Blackburn (making some good signings)
      7. Fulham (higher if they buy a striker who scores goals)
      8.Everton (way too thin)
      9. Sunderland
      10. Spuds
      11. WHU
      12. Bolton
      13. Stoke
      14. Portsmouth
      15. Wolves (suprise package along with blackburn)
      17. Burnley
      18. Hull city
      19. Birmingham
      20. YOU GUESSED IT...MAN U!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Joking aside, I think you will pip ££££ to fourth and might compete for the title if you sign a few players. (so burnley will go down).

      We'll se how much I get right...

    • Its way too early for this sean...

      However, as much as I'd like to see Everton break in to the top four at the most likely expense of Francenal, I think the top four teams will remain the same next season, with Citeh coming very close.

      If Francenal can flog Ade and bring in a couple of surprise signings then they may start to show some improvement.

      I've got a feeling Liverpool have peaked and are going to lose a key player or two, and we all know Rafa is clueless in the market for the most part. 3rd at best most likely.

      Expect chelski to make a couple of serious moves and be our nearest rivals, and I do think we will still be the team to beat. Hopefully people continue to write us off, it will play to our advantage massively.

      4 in a row, number 19, dont bet against it.

    • All depends on who everyone brings in this summer, but right now I'd put it:

      1 - Liverpool
      2 - Chelsea
      3 - Man U
      4 - Arsenal
      (Man City in 6fth or 7th behind Villa, and maybe Everton).

      But, if you can spend well, no doubt you'll be competitive, and Chelsea have not really splashed out yet either!

      The big unknown of course if City. As of right now I don't rate their chances as its a great goalie, and too many strikers at the moment. Barry will help them anchor the midfield, but they still need at least one CB and maybe a RB, otherwise I don't see them getting any better away from home.

      But maybe a more interesting story is what might Arsenal do? Maybe its paper talk, but if they are in the hunt for Benzema, and win that might really change things up. One it means they get a class striker (and you don't get him), and maybe it shows their board is willing to free up some money, so maybe they get a bit of steel in the back which is what they really need if they are going to progress.

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      • I still think the top two will be United and Chelsea, although not sure who will win it. Liverpool will still draw too many to win the League. They had a better chance last year with Chelsea once again in managerial turmoil, and United rarely performing as well as they should have. Liverpool went reasonably close last season, but doing the double over United was a major factor, but if United had won one of those games then the gap would have been an emphatic 10 points over LFC. And it is difficult to see Fergie allowing Liverpool to do such a double again,as City found to their cost last year, after doing the double over us the previous season.

    • 1.liverpool 2. man utd 3. chelsea 4. aston villa
      i am a united fan but no ronaldo so no prem

    • Manchester United
      Aston Villa

      followed by:
      Manchester City

      Followed by:

      Arsene leaving Arsenal and the Russian Selling Chelsea and another new manager at City.

    • Depends on the teams that start the season.Wer'e in the top 4 at the mo.....just.....but lets see who we buy.......or dont.!

    • I expect utd, chelsea and liverpool to be in the top four but arsenal might struggle to remain in there. As much as I would love to see everton make the top four they have a small squad and are over reliant on certain players. They also appear to lack the spending power to bring in the quality players they need to make the leap from top six to top four. As for city - you can have too much of a good thing. It takes even the best players time to settle which is why its not usually a good idea to bring in too many players at the same time. I think it could take awhile for their team to gell so I think top six is a more realistic target with the possibility that they could win one of the cups. If a team is going to break in to the top four I think its moe likely to be aston villa. Although they faded in the second half of the season they showed enough quality early on to suggest that they are just a couple of decent signings away fron being a major threat. And though they have lost Barry their younger players are just that bit more experienced plus they have a bit of money to bring in a couple of new faces. So as long as they do bring in a couple of players and don`t lose any more of their stars they could be the ones to break in to the top four.

    • 1. Liverpool
      2. Chelsea
      3. Arsenal
      4. Man City

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      • I have read all the serious posts in this thread with a lot of good points made. I accept Chelsea cannot be written off and neither can Liverpool based on their position last season and the momentum with which they finished the season. Arsenal seem to be lacking something to be a first choice to win the title, but I can't ignore their 21 game unbeaten run in the league. Likewise our rivals should write off Manchester United at their peril. 4 in a row is a huge ask, but we're 75% of the way there and my heart tells me we will do it! Come on United!

      • So you don't think your pensioners will win the league? What a sad indictment of Ancolleti ...