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    United's Transfer NIGHTMARE

    WOW! How much more HUMILIATION can Man Ure and their PLASTIC fans handle in the transfer market this off season?

    Let’s see the COLLATERAL DAMAGE inflicted so far as the world chumps get totally HUMILIATED in the summer sweepstakes for the worlds top players…

    Tevez - GONE for nothing with millions in the bank thanks to Man Ure paying him 95 GRAND a week in return for a measly SIX EPL goals PMSLLLLLL.

    Ronaldo – GONE to live “his dream” after LYING to the fans and taking 30-40 goals a season away to the BERNABEAU with him! Best of all, Man Ure ONLY get 20 million up front for the show pony, which won’t even buy a ball boy these days, let alone a replacement for the World Player of the year. HAHAHAHAHA

    So – there’s 20 million in the bank and maybe another 20 saved on Tevez… so WHO is coming to OT then???????????

    Kaka? – “No thanks I’ve signed for REAL MADRID to play alongside my Manchester friends Ronaldo, van Nistlerooy and Heinze in La Liga. GOD bless.”

    Ribery? – “I don’t like the weather in Manchester. It is no better than Germany so I will not be going to United”.

    Benzema? – “I would prefer to stay in France and concentrate on my game here with the world cup in South Africa looming. Though I am flattered to be linked with… REAL MADRID.”

    Aguero? – “I am happy to be in Spain at Atletico and my coach wants me to stay at the club. I cannot wait to play against Kaka and Ronaldo.”

    Vucinic? - "Mirko is very happy to remain at Roma," his agent Alessandro says. "He recently renewed his contract. He is happy, the club is satisfied and hence, there are no reasons to consider Vucinic moving away from Roma."

    Casillas? – “United? Never heard of them”

    Torres? – “I am happy at Liverpool. I love the fans and the club and have signed a new contract at Anfield. I won’t be going to Manchester.”

    Santa Cruz? – “Yes I will be going to Manchester……. CITEH” ahahahahaha

    Tevez? – “I will be staying in Manchester to play…..for CITEH” PMSLMFAO

    which leaves WIGAN'S main man..

    Valencia? – “I MIGHT go to United IF I don’t get a better offer, but my bosses are cleverly using REAL MADRID to bump up my price and fleece United regardless. I would prefer to go to Madrid though as they are a bigger club and I hate the weather up north as it is.”

    Oh dear what a complete SHAMBLES it is at the “unhappy club” (tm).

    Man Ure = the so-called “big” club NO TOP PLAYER wants to play for. FACT


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