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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 1, 2009 22:48 Flag

    Christiano Who?

    Lol, Ian I must have been mistaken, French clubs have consistently been competing in the late stages of the Champions League right?

    Your right Marseille did beat a very poor European form Liverpool at Anfield, but how far did each team progress in the competition? Chelsea also got quite a scare from Fennerbache, who actually progressed to the knock out stages, so the Turkish league must be better than both the French and English leagues, right?

    The so called French top 4 you mentioned might be their cream, but do you think any of them could break into the top EPL top 4. Maybe they'd do okay in the prem, but midtable, or Europa league at best IMO. But when you consider they play teams that would have a rough time surviving in the Championship, the goals scored by individual players, or the points ranked up by the top teams, might be a little flattering.