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    United get Full payment

    According to SEPTIC W$#@ United would only get installments for CR.


    Premier League champions United received full payment from Real on Tuesday morning for Cristiano Ronaldo, who has completed a world record £80m move to the Bernabeu.

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    • No we wouldn't like it...dsteer....but mabey it's a blessing in disguise.....for us..and gets rid of the debt ridden,,glazers...

    • I agree 7 neither is likely to completely go down ala Leeds. Worst case for either I think is a few years in the wilderness (Europa league), until new owners steped in.

      But, it has to be a concern for both clubs, as a season or 2 outside the top 4 would be very painful from a financial sense. Cash flow required to service debt and other operating costs assume the TV money from Europe, and the extra gate revenue. I think right now Utd are maybe slighly worse off not because they have bigger debt (debt as a ratio of turnover is the important number, not absolute debt), but the interests rates you have on some of your loans, while Liverpool look to have new refinancing deals in place. But neither set of fans should fob this off, as both have significant anchors.

    • Seven Hundred Million in the red. Funny....80 Mil suddenly
      doesn't seem like such a large amount. The mad cracksmoking
      chimp that looks after manUre's finances will soon have you lot
      so far in the hole that you'll never recover. That huge sucking
      sound you hear is United's future being spiralled down the drain
      to financial oblivion. Answer this.....what happens when manUre
      inevitably has a succession of consecutive bad years? And the
      debts keep mounting? And good European players have no
      intention of signing on to this mess? Do you idiots think that the
      700 Mil will magically pay itself off? Go on goofballs.....go whistling past the graveyard.

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      • Actually think your being a little harsh. Unless the Glazners are complete morons they must have a plan to if not pay the debt down, at least bring it under control by getting the loans off of credit card level interest payments.

        But I think the hurdle they have is SAF. He runs the club, and supposedly the Glazners are completely afraid of him. He was promised he could take the 80M from Ronaldo and spend as he wishes, as they could not stand up to him and tell him it would be applied to servicing the debt.

        Now, this is great for Man U fans who love seeing big playes come in the door, and think those names and huge transfer payments will translate into success on the pitch. But what happens when Fergie finally decides to retire? Do you think the Glazners will pick another manager they are afraid of, or do you think their handpicked new gaffer will see things from their point of view?

    • 64,000,000 plus to spend.....

      They will all be crapping their pants now!