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    Ah yes, Ian Robert Harris.......................written by the Psychologist.

    A somewhat intriguing but ultimately sad and pathetic figure of ridicule and torment on the boards that everyone takes great pleasure in belittling.

    As many here have stated, Ian is a really poor excuse of a human being. Besides being weak, emotionally imbalanced and incredibly stupid, he is the most childish and churlish over 50 this professional has ever come across, without a shadow of doubt.

    See how he cannot accept his many embarrassing statements. How he only picks fights with those he feels he can better, choosing to run away from those who get the better of them. We call this "cowardice" in the profession.

    Suffering from depression, anxiety, delusion and low self esteem, this is a sad lonely figure to be mocked and pitied in equal measures.

    However, most worrying of all are his thinly veiled acts of racism and xenophobia, as proven by his constant mocking of the user known as 'slayer'. He openly belittles Malaysians and ethnics as inferior, yet when his own ethnic minority girlfriend is called into question, he is the first one to cry the wolf. We call this 'hypocrisy'.

    A truly sad individual who simply has to face facts. He is a worthless human being whose whole existence is utterly worthless and pointless.

    As an expert in the field, I cannot see Ian Robert Harris reaching 60, as in nature, only the truly strong survive.

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