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  • There are several reports linking him to a move to utd. Not dure how much truth there is in the rumour, especially as other reports claim that ac milan have tabled a bid. The utd story could be an attempt by real madrid to force up the price milan have to pay - after all the spanish side have a lot of money to recoup.

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    • smeghead??

      No one but NO ONE outside red dwarf <chuckle> uses that as an insult !!

      What are you ..........about 14?!

    • I think it can be a good signing without Ronaldo we will lose goals in midfield and will depend more on the strikers. Rooney is up to the job but he has no heading ability, owen also has no heading ability and that leaves the job to berbatov who was cold in goals las season. I give so much emphasis to heading because Nani, Valencia and Obertan are wingers that deliver a lot of crosses not like Ronaldo who used to finish plays himself

    • I can't see us signing any other strikers now Fergies gambled on Owen. Owen isn't exactly the player most of us would have wanted to come in, but I respect Fergies decision to have a punt at reviving his career. With him, Rooney and Berbatov, I wouldn't want another striker coming in and pushing Welbeck and Macheda further down the pecking order. I want to see these two lads given a good shot at it here next season

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      • I know not many on here would be critical of Fergie, at least in public, and I also know he's pulled many a rabbit of the hat before, but does anyone think the replacement of Ronaldo and Tevez is a little shambolic so far?

        I'm not trying to wind you up, but just trying to figure out what his plan might be. If he knew, and I think its fair to say he did, that Ronaldo was going to be off, and that he'd get a decent amount (he may have already know how much) surely he'd have his targets all lined up? If that's true, surely he'd want them in as early as possible to get them into pre-season training. Leaving it much longer suggests either his targets did not work out, or that he did not line up any targets.

        I'm also not sure Owen was really a planned replacement for Tevez. It all looks a bit last minute to me, so if he knew they would not have Tevez, surely he would have worked things out with Owen earlier than the breakfast the day before the physical.

        If I've got this wrong, who the heck is he really going for, and will he bring them in before pre-season starts in earnest? Or, is that it, its Valencia for Ronaldo, plus the French kiddie you got today, and Owen for Tevez?

      • Fegie really know how to manage youngsters I think those 2 are not ready for the task (I may be wrong) but if he brings more strikers I don't hink that is exactly bad dor them I mean look at Fletcher he got his chance after many many seasons and he is great

    • Just something to think about, but surely if you lot were interested in any of the Real Madrid cast off's they would have been packaged up within the Ronaldo deal? Its possible that you may take them, but got to assume if you do take any of them, that either the Ronaldo deal happened quicker than most currently think, and Fergie had no developed plan of who to replace him with, or Fergie had a plan, but those targets fell through (Benzema maybe?).

    • It's not the worst thing to have him (if it were true) but I think we'd be better off concentrating on finding a strong holding midfielder.

      No matter what, a world class midfielfer should be number 1 priority if you consider change of formation/tactics.

      Assume Rooney is up front with Owen or another out and out striker. Without defensive minded forwards (Rooney and Tevez), we'd need a strong midfield to protect the defence.

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      • with Valencia playing on the right we will immediately have a wide player who can track back and is a good tackler so we will have better cover than with Ronaldo who did the minimum of defending.Fletcher when playing with Carrick gives us quite good defensive cover in midfield and hopefully Hargreaves will return to further bolster the squad.If Rooney is upfront with Berbatov he will also do his share of covering back so i am not really unduly worried about a defensive midfielder.