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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Jul 7, 2009 23:35 Flag

    The truth of the matter is...

    ...had Liverpool Football Club signed Michael Owen this summer, you can bet your back teeth that most of the fickle, stupid, dipstick manUre fans would have been dishing out the "Owen is injury prone" remarks, making comments that Owen is a has-been and saying Rafa Benitez must be totally mad to have actually signed him!

    Yet, when old whisky addict, purple nose Sir Alex Fungus signs the little mercenary "Glass Legs" Owen, suddenly it becomes a masterstroke move and a great bit of business on the transfer market!? HAHAHA

    Face the truth, he'll be keeping Owen Hargreaves company on the treatment table more often than he'll be playing on the pitch! ;o)

    As per usual, it's one rule for manUre and their fickle fans with tunnel vision and another rule for everybody else! HAHAHAHA

    Glory boy plastic mancs!!! HEHEHEHEHEE!!!

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    • Actually Jigsaw you are wrong. I had a conversation with a scouse mate of mine long before the Owen transfer to United (which had not crossed my mind), saying I don't know why Rafa doesn't sign Owen. I felt he would make a terrific impact sub; best case, it would reignite his career; worst case, injuries might continue to plague him - but potential upsides seemed far greater than potential downsides. So if Liverpool had signed him, I for one would not have been mocking them.

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      • Ok, fair enough welshmu, but I'm more than sure that the vast majority of plastic manUre supporters would be saying different had LFC signed Owen. :oP

        It's no secret that manUre fans top the league when it comes to double standards and are the most hypocritical when it comes to voicing their stupid opinions, especially the opinions of the plastic, glory boy, wannabe mancs who use this board! HAHA

    • Strange that, cos in all the years i've been going to st james park the so called legendary home support has been totally outsung by our couple of thousand away fans. And as for getting a spanking, the so called geordie boot boys are as full of shit as you. We got threatened by about 20 of em a couple of years ago (there were 6 of us) and as soon as one of my mates said he'd take the biggest one on his own, one on one, they said they weren't looking for trouble and shook our hands! Another geordie myth

    • What's up Jig ?
      Nobody posts on Championship club message boards ?
      Feeling lonely so you had to come on here ?

      You, Sep and Slayer are really stepping up the contest for the resident idiot.
      Personally my money is on Sep because he is dyslexic as well as mouthy and gullible, surely the winning combination in the retard contest.

    • Hehehehe I go out for a few beers and then come back and get a laugh at what I read!!!

      Stash, you're missing the point here you dipstick, just like the typical ignorant, arrogant and stupid manUre supporter you are!

      Michael Owen's contract with NUFC had expired when he signed for manUre, so just face the facts, you were WRONG when you blabbed off!!!

      It's not my fault you're bit of a douche-bag, blame your parents for that one, they should have thought about it more when they got it on with each other and produced a human cabbage like yourself.

      If you could call what Michael Owen done on the pitch last season at St James Park as playing, then fair enough you've got a tiny fact right in your petty argument. ;o() *kisses*

      Michael Owen put in what most people would call a minimal effort for Newcastle United last season, which is why the vast majority of Toon supporters are actually glad to see him go!

      We'd rather see a local lad like Andy Carroll come through the ranks instead of paying glass legs over £100,000 a week to some horse loving mercenary be stuck in the treatment room.

      Anyhow, it's little wonder the likes of you are glad NUFC got relegated because it must be quite embarrassing when a couple of thousand geordies can make more noise in Old Trafford than 70,000 odd thousand plastic, prawn sandwich eating manUre supporters! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      And what about this so-called legendary away support that manUre are supposed to have? I've still never heard them be very vocal in all the years I've went to St James Park! Hehehe

      At least next season we won't have to put up with you sissys swaggering around and mouthing off in our city only to go hiding behind the police when you realise you're going to get a spanking! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Plastic manc!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Oink Oink!

    • Fair enough smart arse. Who did owen play for last season? I think you'll find it was that pile of useless shit from sid james' park, so mentioning newcastle in a thread about michael owen is valid

    • your probably right, but its just like most posters saying how shit ronaldo was, a one trick pony, over-rated, a diver, yet now the likes of slayer, sepp dow think he is the fking best ever, its called winding people up matey, and be honest, a lot of scousers have bitten the bait, si it kinda had the effect that was meant.
      on the owen subject, it remains to be seen, but it s a bit like when we signed teddy sheringham, no pace, getting on, best days behind him, and he was a success, so you never know.