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  • The Levy The Levy Jul 14, 2009 16:50 Flag

    Tevez signs for City

    I am not surprised by Tevez's decision at all, anymore than I am surprised that Ronaldo chose Real Madrid in spite of them being made to look like a bunch of chumps by Liverpool in the CL. Players often sign for a club that demonstrates ambitious plans for the future, rather than because of where they are currently in the pecking order.

    I know we have laughed at City for years (especially me!!), but even I can see that they are going places, and signing for them is probably a better option long-term than signing for United or Liverpool given their debt and relative inability to compete in the transfer market with the really big spenders.

    Onto the point about Joorabchian. He acted perfectly honourably in an almost identical situation involving Mascherano and Liverpool, but the difference was that Liverpool demonstrated their desire to keep the player by signing him at an earlier stage in his loan period, in contrast to United where David Gill spent the summer of 2008 lying about the Tevez deal in saying that we would definitely sign him permanently by the end of THAT year. We didn't and Joorabchian rightly questioned whether United had the money. If Gill had have been honest andtold Joorabchian that United couldn'tafford Tevez until we sold Ronaldo then perhaps we could have patched things up, but the truth seems to be that both Joorabchian and Tevez were lied to by Gill.