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  • Mandy D Mandy D Jul 13, 2009 22:00 Flag

    No more players for you?


    A lack of ambition of are the Glaziers being greedy with the Ronaldo dosh?

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    • well if you are correct, why have so many of your number spent so long on our board having a go at Wenger for doing what SAF now appears to be doing?
      But there is one difference at Arsenal - any surplus money is not going into the hands of owners who have mortgaged the club to buy it

    • How long he waits to maybe jump into the transfer market and pay £30 odd + million for a player, will all depend now on how several of the younger players he will be giving a more prominant role too pans out. I think we will be seeing a lot more of Danny Welbeck for one this season if Fergies comments about him thinking the lad has an outside chance of going to the world cup are anything to go by.
      It will also depend on how players like Owen pan out, whether Berbatov can become more bedded into the team now, whether Owen Hargreaves ever makes it out of the treatment room, and how other more experienced younger players like Anderson continue to improve.
      He won't be rushed into panic buying, especially where such huge sums of money are concerned.

    • Steve, you might be right that some of the prices may come down a little, but I'd not hold your breath. All the pressure is on the up, so unless things go pop somewhere I don't see much deflation likely.

      Now some of the younger players might be caught up in this, so they are the ones most likely to come down a bit. Although I can understand Aguero being in the 40M+ category as he does play in a top league, I just don't understand Benzema costing so much. He might be worth it, but think he needs testing outside France before making a judgment.

      But its a bit hard for me to hear this from Fergie in all honestly. Its one thing to hear a few Mancs taking a pop at Rafa for complaining about prices, but for Fergie to do it is a bit odd. The man has 80M (well maybe only 60 left) in his pocket, and he's complaining about inflation, when in fact he's at least half to blame for the prices going crazy, and he's one of the few managers who's actually been on the benefit side of that inflation.

      But real question, and this has me scratching my head, is how long can Fergie hold out. Yes he does not want to pay over the odds, but he also wants (I assume) to pass Liverpool’s league record before he retires, and maybe notch up at least one more CL as well. Now you've still got a strong squad, but as it was not good enough in Europe, and was pushed to the end domestically. So now that squad is weaker, does that bode well?

    • We've been here before - then we bought Rooney having said that was it for that season.

    • I do fully know that the demand for top stars outweighs the amount of them available, but to expect the trend of spending that Madrid have set this summer to carry on is a little unrealistic with the growing amount of debt in football. Out of the teams you've mentioned there, apart from Chelsea if they wanted to, how many of them could actually afford a Ribery or Aguero say at their clubs current valuations of £50-60mil?

      I don't expect prices to drop drastically, but I think in 6-12 months time they may be a little more realistic (as realistic as a footballers valuation can be!). i.e. A player like Aguero currently in the £45-50mil bracket, I can see going for a slightly more reasonable £30-35mil. (Unless Madrid go silly again!)

    • Don't kid yourself.

      Ronaldo was the main reason United won trophies the last 3 seasons, he's now gone and so is any slim hope of silverware next season.

    • I agree there is no point wasting money. I also agree in Owen and Valencia we are weaker than last year where we had Ronaldo and Tevez. Giggs and Scholes are a year older too. So are Welbeck and Macheda. There is also the hope that Hargreaves will return this year. Berbatov has a season under his belt. However we never hit top form last season and still dominated the trophy lists. In fact we were one penalty decision away from reaching the final of every competition we entered. Its always nice to have plenty of signings, but if we win the league this year what will the ABUs use for an excuse now ?

    • "Inter, AC Milan, Juve, Barca, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool,"

      You idiot, Inter, Arsenal and Liverpool are broke, how can their quest for players push the prices up?

      Stick to camel racing slayer.

    • "Waiting till the bubble deflates is exactly what I think United are doing."

      If so they will have to wait forever. Why can't you get your head around the simple fact that the demand for top quality players far outweigh supply. Basic economics really.

      The market for top quality players will continue to climb as many top clubs are looking to buy in top class players, Inter, AC Milan, Juve, Barca, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc, are all looking for top class players in one area or the other and prices won't come down anytime soon.

    • To comment on your analogy Dave -
      'But even if there is a bubble, is walking away the best way of dealing with it. If there is a bubble in the housing market, its said you should avoid buying until the bubble deflates'
      - Waiting till the bubble deflates is exactly what I think United are doing. I beleive Fergie still has one or two big targets, but they either aren't available, or are being way over valued by their current clubs. United won't meet those values, and I think they will be hoping that they will be able to pick one or two players up in January or next summer when the transfer market has settled back down a little after Madrid's massive spending spree.

      'But if your homeless, what are you supposed to do? '
      - Fergie will be disappointed to have missed out on his main targets, but he will also have a lot of faith in the players he still has here. Ronaldo is a big loss to the team, but he will expect the team to still be able to compete for honours next season. There are gambles being taken, Owen's fitness, younger players stepping up and coming good etc., but he will feel these gambles are worth it and that he can make them work.

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