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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 14, 2009 00:14 Flag

    No more players for you?

    "Where will the money go, to the Glazners? To pay down debt? Put aside for future transfer windows?

    Who's decision do you think it was? Fergie's? Gills? The Glazners themselves? "

    How the fuck do we know?

    This is what our manager said ..

    "Everywhere in England and in Europe the players' values have shot sky high"

    "I don't think any of the (big money) transfers that you see happening are realistic but for some reason the market seems to have caught fire this summer. It is a very unusual summer and difficult to get value because of that."

    "It's always been the case that Manchester United have to pay a bit extra. But this summer we were not prepared to do that because we have got some very good young players."

    "There didn't need to be a kneejerk reaction to losing Cristiano Ronaldo. We did very well to keep him for six years. He wanted to go, and we allowed him to do that."

    "We shouldn't panic because one or two players are leaving. I think we have a very, very good squad with good young players in all positions, and now we've added youth in Gabriel and Antonio, and an 'old codger' in Michael!"

    "It's the end of our business, so forget all these stories about who we're supposed to be getting."